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D&D: ‘Radiant Citadel’s “Shadow Of The Sun” Adventure Preview Teases New Monsters & Mythologies

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Jun 23 2022

Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel is less a month away, so let’s take a closer look at another one of the book’s new adventures, Shadow of the Sun.

It’s almost time for us to pick up our own copies of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel. And this book is going to add so much to the already expansive D&D lore. Not only will it offer an entirely new location and thirteen adventures for adventurers leveled one through fourteen. Radiant Citadel is also a very diverse addition to your Dungeons & Dragons library. The various games are written exclusively by POC writers, many pulling inspiration from their own lives, histories, and backgrounds. So not only will Radiant Citadel give us a new location in the Citadel itself, but each of the adventures have unique, thoughtful, and vibrant locations based in real-world places and folklore that we may not think about all that often.

Today we’re taking a look at Justice Arman’s Shadow of the Sun.

Shadow of the Sun

So much of Dungeons & Dragons, both its monsters and its settings, are very Euro-centric. So writer Justice Arman seems genuinely excited to be involved with a project that gives us a D&D adventure “with a Persian tilt.” Your characters are in an entirely new place who’s name means “The Last Defense” in Farci. Here an angel has ruled in a celestial theocracy for fifty years, ever since ‘something’ happened. But at the time of the game, players are about to attend some sort of festival.

Two resistance groups, the Silent Roar and the Ashen Heirs are both rising up, and the adventurers have been asked to make sure that the festival goes well and nothing weird happens. Of course, something weird and magical happens. Players will find themselves working with one of the two resistance groups to help get things back under control.

This eleventh level adventure is full of choices, and  unlike some games, your choices matter. Which group you join will directly effect who you meet, what you fight, what treasure you end up with, the climax of the game, and even the ending. And depending on the choices you make throughout the game, you could either find yourself on angel-in-charge’s good side. Or very much not.

Arman says that one of the things he’s excited to share about this location is how isolated from the world. D&D world having incorrect assumptions about them, and your players’ characters likely will as well. But playing through the game, meeting characters, and unearthing secrets of the story will give t hem a different and much deeper picture of the location. He also promises a brand new monster that he didn’t want to spoil but was too excited about not to mention. And now we’re pretty excited to explore his adventure and this brand new location too.


Are you excited for Radiant Citadel’s release? Which adventure are you most excited to play through? Do you think D&D should add more wildly unique adventure anthologies like this to their library? Do you like when real world folklore and history is used in your fantasy setting? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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