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Five Pieces of Gamer Apparel That Aren’t Just Another Black T-Shirt

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Jun 6 2022

I’m not saying black t-shirts are bad, but a little variety makes life more exciting. Check out this gamer apparel to level up your style.

Shopping for clothes isn’t easy. But until we get sponsored by Stitch Fix, you’re stuck getting some tips from a guy who used to wear black t-shirt and jean shorts every day of high school.

1. Logo Cap

A nice cap is a easy and fun way to add a little flair to your outfit. There’s tons of options in terms of what logos you want on it.

A lot of people think “I would wear a hat, but I don’t know if I’m a hat person”. Well, you won’t become a hat person if you don’t start wearing one. No one looks bad in a cap. It’s a great point of entry into headwear accessorizing.

2. Socks

While the form is mostly limited by its function, there are still tons of different styles of socks available for a gamer looking for a nice subtle nod to their hobby.

Personally, I really like a sock that looks like a typical dress sock at a casual glance. It’s like a fun secret you have for yourself throughout the day.

3. Subtle Gamer Tie

Similar to the socks, a tie is a great way to have a fun secret to yourself when dressing up. Obviously, a tie doesn’t go with every outfit, but a nice solid color button down, or a simple pattern shirt with a tie is a great step up in terms of a casual outfit.

The pattern on these ties is subtle enough that you can wear this to nearly any occasion and still have a little fun with it. Of course, there are some bolder options, if that’s your vibe.

4. Pajama Pants

Remember everything I said about looking fancy but casual? Well, forget all that junk! Go full casual! Pajama pants are peak comfort. I was someone who eschewed pajama pants for so many years and I don’t know why. What collection of gamer apparel would be complete without the ultimate in “gaming all weekend” wear?

They are great. They’re comfy and easy to wear. Get some pajama pants.


5. Really Make an Impression

Subtly is for boring people. Make a real impression that no one will ever forget.

Got a big job interview? They might not remember [whatever your name is], but they will absolutely remember that time Scorpion moonwalked into an interview and burned the place down with his fire breath. Also, you need learn to moonwalk. And breathe fire.

Big wedding coming up? Everyone’s always so focused on the bride and groom. But what about you and your absolutely immaculate style? When they start playing Here Comes The Bride, it’ll instead be more like Here Comes That Guy In That Insane Mario Suit. You’ll lose a lot of friends in the process, but that’s the price of fashion, baby.

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