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Five Ways to Go to Space in D&D

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Jun 28 2022

Space, the final frontier. Just because you’re playing in a pseudo-medieval fantasy world doesn’t mean you can’t strap in and go to the sun chips place.

Space. It’s where the stars live. It’s also where 9 out of 10 ancient wizards made magical prophecies by charting the movements of things therein. Space is the place where fate and fortunes wax and wane. And yet, it’s supposedly one of the hardest places to get to. But you’re adventurers. Nothing can stop you. Not physics, not magic, not the DM sighing that soft, resigned sigh they make right before pleading with you to just go to the dungeon, it’s right there. We’re here to show you how you can get to space.


This one’s probably the easiest option. Especially since there’s soon going to be a book all about getting to space with Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. But you don’t have to wait until it comes out to find a Spelljammer (that is, a space ship capable of going to the inky void). There’s one buried in the Dungeon of the Mad Mage which you can find the Spelljamming Helm for and take control of. From there it’s just a matter of time before you’re sailing between the crystal spheres and wondering why there are so many space hamsters.

Bag of Holding and Portable Hole

Do you need to get to space in a hurry? Do you have a bag of holding and also something like a portable hole? Well then you’re in luck, because you’ve got a free one-way ticket to the Astral Plane which is also Outer Space. Probably. Maybe. Sort of, depending on the kind of setting you’re playing in. Sure, you might not have a return ticket planned, but hey that’s what adventure is all about, right?

Candlekeep’s Secret Rocket Tower

Speaking of one-way trips, you could always go to Candlekeep where, canonically, a bunch of cultists are planning to see what happens if they blast off with enough power to achieve escape velocity from Faerun. They also have ensorcelled the tower to withstand the inky void they expect to find. They did, however, not bring enough food. So come prepared. Speaking of Escape Velocity though…

Friend with Powerful Build


If you get a friend with Powerful Build and juice them up with enlarge, a belt of Frost Giant strength, enhance ability (strength) and a few other tricks, they will be able to lift enough weight that, if you get on a minecart and reduce your weight, they can throw you fast enough to achieve escape velocity.

Plane Shift

Yeah I guess you could take the boring, reliable way to get there if you needed to. And get back safely too.

Happy Adventuring!

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