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Let’s Play D&D With Jon Snow

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Jun 22 2022

Grab your sword and your favorite dire wolf, this week we’re going way up north and playing D&D with Jon Snow.

Love it or hate it, Game of Thrones is on its way back into all of our lives, so prepare your water cooler talk accordingly! Jon Snow is one of the characters who will be getting their own stand alone series. And he, like most of the cast, would fit in perfectly in a Dungeons & Dragons setting. In fact add this character with a slightly different name to your next D&D campaign, and there’s a good chance that nobody would even notice for a while. So let’s just jump in, today we’re playing D&D with…

Jon Snow

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There are a few things that make Jon Snow Jon Snow. Some are tongue firmly in cheek jokes, others are a hundred percent serious, but all of them help make a pretty playable D&D character.

To start, he’s a pretty normal human. Sure, Jon has some mysterious parentage, but it’s not that mysterious. He’s a mostly normal guy. While he was something of the black sheep, he was still raised by the Starks as one of the Stark children, so he has a noble background. From there he’s good at using swords, good at having a pet wolf, and good at watching a wall. And if you want a character who’s good at staring into the forest to see if anything comes out while hanging out with a wild animal, you want a Ranger.

Beast Master gave us easy access to an animal companion, which we took in the form of Ghost the dire wolf. It’s not the same as a regular wolf, but neither were the dogs they have on set. And judging by the coyote I encountered while I was taking out the trash tonight, you’re probably not going to split hairs between big-wild-dog and very-big-wild-dog if your immediate concern is not getting bitten by it.

Ranger also gives us favored terrains and foes. Which Jon very much has. He spends most of his time up north and then farther up north, so Arctic is an obvious one. But he also spent much of his childhood in the woods near Winterfell. And then there are the literal giants and undead that we see him encounter throughout he show. Aside from common he can speak giant. He eventually becomes friendly with one and it makes sense that they should be able to communicate.

Aside from that, Jon has your pretty normal spread of Ranger stuff. I tried to make sure his spells made sense for animal friendship, Night Watching, or general basic first aid. And I gave him the durable feat because he’s seemingly impossible to kill. Even when they kill him he’s not dead.


And of course, Jon Snow and his 9 intelligence and 11 wisdom know nothing. Is he actually smarter than this? Sometimes. But the dice roll how the dice roll and he has a perfectly build in dump stat.

How would you make Jon Snow for D&D? Are you looking forward to the upcoming Game of Thrones shows or do you wish they were following different characters? After the last season did you think they were going to quietly shelf all of the upcoming GoT projects? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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