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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – The Winter Guard Are Coming

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Jun 23 2022

Atomic Mass Games has a new Super Team on the way for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Meet the Winter Guard!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is getting a new batch of Super Heroes with the Winter Guard. Although, looking at this squad and current events…maybe this isn’t the best timing.

via Atomic Mass Games (Facebook)

“Russia’s answer to the Avengers is coming to #MarvelCrisisProtocol. Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Ursa Major, and Red Guardian are the Winter Guard.”

Yeah…maybe they should have waited a bit on this release. The link to the product page is currently non-existent as well. Atomic Mass Games has been dealing with a bout of COVID in their offices so I think this Facebook post might have slipped through the cracks. Hey, it happens…

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Anyhow, the Red Guardian is experiencing a bit of a resurgence thanks in no small part to David Harbour’s portrayal of him in Black Widow. Unfortunate timing aside, the rest of the Winter Guard crew is also looking neat.

This faction certainly has its counterparts in the Avengers to deal with. I know at least one gamer who’d like to take that upcoming Captain America model and put it up against the Red Guardian.


Even their boots match…

If nothing else we can at least consider this an announcement of the Winter Guard affiliation and the fact they are joining the game. Here come the Superheroes from the Eastern Bloc!


Editor’s Note: As of posting this article the original Facebook Post from Atomic Mass Games has been pulled down. We will update this post with any relevant information as we get it.

*Update* Atomic Mass Games removed the previous Facebook Post and issued a new one:


via Atomic Mass Games (Facebook)

“Are you feeling the chill? Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Ursa Major, and Red Guardian are the Winter Guard, coming soon to #MarvelCrisisProtocol! Learn more here:


Dimitri Bukharin is the fifth man to bear the title of Crimson Dynamo and the current leader of the Winter Guard. Following the failure of his predecessor Yuri Petrovich, Bukharin was given the suit of power armor and code name to fight at the behest of his superiors in the Russian military. A man of mystery, little is known about this Crimson Dynamo’s past. He has shown himself to be a loyal and dedicated soldier for the Russian people, even when his handlers don’t show him the same loyalty.


Laynia Petrovna is Darkstar, a former member of a super team assembled to reclaim the elusive Black Widow. Darkstar defected to the United States where she has fought as part of the Black Widow’s elite strike force. Born with the power to access the energy of the Darkforce dimension, she can wield in numerous ways. Shaping it into constructs of pure dark energy or unleashing it in powerful blasts, Darkstar is not to be underestimated.



Mikhail Ursus is Ursa Major, who possesses the ability to transform into an enormous humanoid brown bear. His government may have initially made Mikhail a target, but he was eventually enrolled in a special agent program by the nefarious Professor Phobos. He was trained as the agent Ursa Major and fought for the government before parting ways with his former masters. No matter what team he’s affiliated with, Ursa Major fights for the Russian people with honor and a love for his country.

Nikolai Krylenko is the Red Guardian, a superhuman born in Russia with the power to withstand nearly all electromagnetic, kinetic, and gravitronic energy. The sibling of Darkstar, Krylenko has long served as the hero Vanguard. As the Red Guardian, he wields a modified vibranium shield that can capture and enhance his abilities. The eighth man to don the uniform of the Red Guardian, Krylenko’s reputation as an accomplished soldier and defender continues to grow.



Author: Adam Harrison
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