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Warhammer 40K: More Chaos Space Marine Rule Previews

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Jun 20 2022

Games Workshop is showing off some more rules for the Chaos Space Marines. Looks like they are really about to light things up!

Chaos Space Marines have a new codex on the way and it looks like that 10,000 year war has taught them a few new tricks. Not only are they essentially getting their own version of Combat Doctrines, they are also getting a flamer buff that is sure to bring the heat.

via Warhammer Community

“10,000 years of pent-up rage isn’t only good for fanning the flames, however. Natural ferocity mixes with centuries of front-line experience to give Heretic Astartes a keen insight into how to cause the most damage, whether at range or up close and personal, and as the battle goes on their focus narrows on the bloody joys of close combat.”

Combat Doctrines? More Like Combat Destructions!

I’m sure there’s a Wonton Soup joke in there but we’re going to skip it and get right into the main course. Chaos Space Marines are getting their own version of Combat Doctrines with their new Wanton rules. If these seem familiar to Space Marines, well, that’s because they better be. And if you’re wondering why that graphic has the Turn 2/3 arrows smushed together like that it’s because the CSM player can choose to launch into Wanton Slaughter a turn early.

Chaos Marines Get Lit

Another fun change for Chaos Marines is that they are finallying taking the phrase “Let the galaxy burn” seriously. No, really. They are literally going to let the galaxy burn — specifically with their flame weapons.


Yeah. You’re reading that right. Any flame weapon in their armory is essentially getting a +2 to attacks for that weapon. It’s not just Chaos Legionaries running around with a flamer or heavy flamer either. Think bigger. Like Chaos Daemon Engine bigger.


Am I about to be good again?!

Between the new Wanton rules and the new Let The Galaxy Burn rules Chaos Space Marines are looking promising. It’s going to be very interesting to see what other tricks they picked up over the course of the Long War.


What do you think of these Chaos Marine rules?

Author: Adam Harrison
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