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Warhammer 40K: New Chaos Marine ‘Cultist’ Rules

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Jun 17 2022

Games Workshop is showing off some of the new Chaos Cultist Rules from the Chaos Space Marine book. Will Chaos Marines still have a job afterwards?

Chaos Space Marines are getting a new codex soon. That means that Chaos Cultists are also due for an update. The real question on everyone’s mind is if the Chaos Cultists will be better at the Marine’s Job than Chaos Marines. So let’s see what those teasers will show us.

via Warhammer Community

“Chaos cults lurk throughout every corner of the Imperium, drawn from its downtrodden masses and levied from fallen worlds. Cultists Mob is the new name for the Chaos Cultists that we know and love – these belligerent blasphemers are great for claiming objectives and taking gunfire instead of your more valuable Chaos Space Marines. “

Chaos Cultists

The Cultists of the Chaos Space Marines are ubiquitous within the Chaos Space Marine armies. Hidden cells operate within the Imperium and the battle to constantly root them out is the reason why the Inquisition exists. When Chaos Space Marines show up on the battlefield they can find support from the general population that has been corrupted by Chaos. And that’s where these Cultists come in.

Chaos Space Marines aren’t fools. They’ve been fighting the Long War for a LONG time. They know the value of using these Cultists effectively — even if that means sacrificing their lives to the meat grinder (and in some instances that can be quite literal). Some CSM Legions treat them like nothing more than Cannon Fodder.


The Cultists aren’t as valuable as a Chaos Marine, but there’s so many of them that they have the weight of numbers on their side. So if a few happen to become human bullet catchers for the Chaos Marines…so be it. That said, there’s nothing quite like stirring up those Fanatic Zealots. And while Cultists might not get Legion Traits, they can still benefit from a few inspiring words from the right demagogue.

If a Cultist is “lucky” enough, they might even get some special training before hand. The Alpha Legion are masters at this and with the right Cult Leader in the right spot, they can cause the most damage. Or at least cause a big enough distraction that the Alpha Legion can complete their own mission.

Even More Chaos Cultists

There are some new Cultists coming to the tabletop, too. The Accursed Horde is essentially the Mutants of Chaos coming to play. Not only are they getting new models they are also getting some new rules to match.



“There are two types of model in Accursed Cultists units – the basic members are called Mutants, but the squad can also take Torments. These are larger and even more heavily-warped creations, bordering on Chaos Spawn, with an impressive 2D3 attacks from their hideous mutations.”

This answers the question “what happens when you mix a Cultists with a Chaos Spawn?” Only issue is that I don’t know who or why anyone was asking that question! ANYHOW, these new models and unit options look like they could add some spice to your next Cultists gathering.

So will the Chaos Cultists once again outshine the Chaos Space Marines? I think this new book will actually even the playing field a bit. On the Marine side of the house, they are getting some big stat boosts. But the Cultists side is also getting some new unit options. We’ll have to wait to see what the final points shake out to as well. I’m hoping GW found a better balance between the two. Time will tell.


Here come the Chaos Cultists. You might want to avoid any drinks they are providing.

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