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Star Wars: Please Do Not Resist This K-2SO Breakdown

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Jul 14 2022

This week we’re learning more about the sassiest droid to work in rebel espionage because Cassian said we had to. It’s K-2SO.

In Star Wars, the droids are easily some of our favorite characters. Especially the sassy ones. For some reason, there seem to be a disproportionate number of them programed with overpowered sass drives. And Rogue One‘s  K-2SO is definitely no expectation to this. While we sadly didn’t get enough of this character in Rogue One‘s two-and-a-quarter-hour runtime, there’s more to know than what we got on screen.

Meeting Cassian

K-2SO was a KX-series security droid used by Imperial Stormtroopers. While assigned to the planet Wecacoe, K-2 encountered Cassian Andor, attempted to arrest him, and was locked in combat with his future partner until his fellow rebel spies found the droid’s kill switch. After a partial memory wipe, K-2 once again attempted to kill Andor. But another shutdown and some new orders to follow Cassian’s lead turned into a bumpy, albeit successful, first mission.

K-2 still retained some of his core programming and wavered between listening to and wanting to kill Cassian. But despite this constant back and forth, the team made it back to the Rebellion. They brought with them the intelligence they had come for and a shiny new security droid. One they were finally able to completely reprogram.

K-2SO in the Rebellion

Courtesy of Disney+

After this point, K-2SO and Cassian worked together almost exclusively. An attempted raid on an Imperial freighter turned into Wookiee babysitting duty for K-2 when Andor left him in charge of their safety and undertook the raid himself. In other missions, having a reprogrammed Imperial security droid worked well to help the Rebels infiltrate Imperial bases while dressed as Stormtroopers.

And of course, K-2 and Cassian were responsible for extracting Jyn Erso from the Wobani Labor Camp in 0 BBY. This mission extended into helping Jyn find her father and Saw Gerrera for information regarding the Death Star.

The Death Star Plans

Courtesy of Disney+


After collecting all of the information needed to locate the plans for the Death Star, K-2, Cassian, and Jyn joined the Rebel strike team that would become known as Rogue One. Their plan was to infiltrate the base on Scarif while disguised as Imperial officers, locate the plans, and send them off-world to Rebel command. While this happened the rest of the team would create a distraction. And the plan worked for a little while.


While inside K-2 accessed the base’s data from another KX security droid. And with a map in hand, the extraction team made their way to the secret-plans vault. By the time they had reached the vault and were accessing Project Stardust, the Imperial forces had become aware of their presence in the base. While Jyn and Cassian retrieved the plans, K-2SO distracted and even killed several Stormtroopers. Tragically, he was eventually taken offline permanently protecting his friends.

Thanks in part to his service, the Death Star plans were successfully sent to Princess Leia and the battle station was able to be destroyed.

What was your favorite K-2 moment or quote? Do you hope he makes an appearance in Andor? Who was your favorite Rogue One character? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!

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