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Total War: Warhammer 3 – Elves And Bretonnian Starting Positions In Immortal Empires

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Jul 3 2022

Another day, another set of new starting positions for the upcoming Immortal Empires expansion for Total War: Warhammer 3.

Immortal Empires looms in the distance. And while we’re shivering with antici-


…we still have a while yet to wait. But. There’s a new batch of starting positions for the various factions to tide us over while we wait. Today we get a glimpse of High Elves and Bretonnians.

Where will they start? What sort of improbably adventure have your favorite Legendary Lords gone on? Let’s find out.

Immortal Empires – New High Elves Starting Positions

The Chosen of Asuryan have spread out their forces wide:

  • Tyrion – Lothern
  • Teclis – Sotek’s Trail
  • Alarielle – Gaean Vale
  • Alith Anar – Karond Kar
  • Eltharion the Grim – Tor Yvresse
  • Imrik – Tor Sethai

And boy oh boy are the Southlands shaping up to be an absolute brawl. Everyone’s gone down South for the winter, it seems like. Kairos, Skarbrand, Volkmar, not to mention Settra the Imperishable, the King of Kings, High King of Nehekhara, Lord of the Earth, Monarch of the Sky, Ruler of the Four Horizons, Mighty Lion of the Infinite Desert, Great Hawk of the Heavens, Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands, Eternal Sovereign of Khemri’s legions, et cetera.


And now Teclis. But also Imrik is surprisingly close to Cathay, which makes sense, given how he feels about Dragons.

Immortal Empires – Bretonnian Starting Positions

Of course, the Bretonnians are looking to get in on some of the action. And here we have:

  • Louen Leoncoeur – Couronne
  • Alberic de Bordeleaux – Bregonne
  • The Fay Enchantress – Carcassonne
  • Repanse de Lyonesse – Copher

Finally we have the Bretons. Alberic de Bordeleaux will head down to the sea, for certain. What crusades will you go on first?

More and more will be revealed over the coming days, so be sure and check back to see where your favorite faction starts off.

Until next time, let’s head to the Southlands


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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