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Warcry: Heart of Ghur Seasonal Roadmap Revealed

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Jul 28 2022

This might not be so much a “roadmap” as much as a general outline but at least we know what the plan is for Warcry’s next season.

Games Workshop has dropped a teaser for what’s coming to Warcry after the Heart of Ghur box drops. We’ve also got a rough outline here of what to expect with some accompanying text. Let’s dive in and see what we can glean from this info.

via Warhammer Community

“The new boxed set features both of these warbands alongside the stunning Gnarlwood scenery, and it’s just the beginning of a dramatic new season of Warcry. Heart of Ghur will be followed up with major quarterly releases featuring brand new miniatures, and more terrain to expand your corner of the Gnarlwood.”


Warcry Seasonal Roadmap

Alright, let’s break this down, shall we? For starters let’s focus on the “map” part of this reveal. The new season of Warcry is slated to last through this year and we’ll probably see it cycle out next summer. How do we know? Well, the date is “2022/23” and they are showing off the main box as well as three smaller boxes. Plus they even say “major quarterly expansions” in the text on the “map” image. 4 quarters in a year, 4 images…you get the idea.

Curiously, GW is calling these “major quarterly expansions” as well. They might be hinting at a move away from individual warband sets or perhaps more of these types of combo boxes with the individual warband boxes coming later. GW is also mentioning a lot more terrain — enough to cover a table for a game of Age of Sigmar once the season wraps in fact.


You’re going to get more than enough terrain from these boxes is what is sounds like. They are also saying “all-new warbands” as in plural. We already know one is coming after the two in the Heart of Ghur boxed set:

That would be the Chaos Legionnaires. Are we going to see a boxed set with them or are we going to see one of the larger battle boxes? Either option seems good to me! Although I do wonder if we are going to see individual warband releases…that’s really the question now based on the map we’re being teased with. A single Warband box doesn’t seem like a “major quarterly expansion” — it seems like a warband box.

The previous “season” of Warcry did get a few releases that I would consider major expansions. Like the Catacombs box for example. That featured two warbands a bunch of terrain.

The Red Harvest box was another one that I would consider a “major quarterly expansion” with the two warbands and a bunch of really good terrain. Perhaps this is what Games Workshop is moving the Warcry release model towards.


Warcry seems like it’s a game that wants to get more “vertical” with it’s terrain kits. Throwing enemies down and causing damage is a theme they seem to be leaning into and a skirmish game like Warcry is a great place to have those cinematic moments happen. So releasing themed terrain kits in these major expansions seems like a good way to encourage that — and grow player’s terrain collections.

What do you think these new seasonal “major quarterly expansions” mean?

Author: Adam Harrison
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