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Warhammer 40K: Combat Patrol – Space Marines Point Breakdown and Next Steps

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Jul 6 2022

We’re revisiting the Space Marine Combat Patrol to see how many points it is and where to go from here.

When Games Workshop released all the points as a free update along with the latest Combat Patrols we got to thinking — how do the previous Combat Patrols stack-up? In this series we’re going to revisit the older Combat Patrols, breakdown their points, and talk about where to build from that box. Now, to be perfectly honest, not all Combat Patrols are equal in terms of utility but we’re going to work with what we got.

So, to kick this off, we’re going to start with the classic posterboys: Space Marines.

Combat Patrol Space Marine Points Breakdown

Space Marine Combat Patrol Box:

1x Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour – 80 points
10x Primaris Infiltrators – 240 points + wargear
3x Suppressors – 100 points
3x Eliminators – 75 points
1x Primaris Impulsor 110 points + wargear

Points Total: 605 + wargear

Initially, this seems like a solid core to build from. You’ve got a transport to move your Infiltrators around in. You’ve got a sneaky Lieutenant to support them. You’ve also got some long range units to help keep the pressure up as you advance. But is this a good start? Eh…On one hand this box does have some “hard to find units” inside it. On the other hand, those units aren’t exactly “meta” choices at the moment.

Regardless, we’re working with what we have in the box. So where do you go from here?


Combat Patrol Space Marine – Next Steps

We’ll assume you’re going to want to go to 2000 points. With what you’ve already got in the box, it seems like you’re going to want to build towards a more “sneaky” Space Marine army. I’m talking about building more toward a Vanguard style army vs a full on Primaris army. That means more Infiltrators, more Eliminators, and just more Phobos armour. To kick things up a step, we need to add some much needed HQ punch:

Let’s start with a Primaris Librarian in Phobos Armour. Clocking in at 100 points this unit at least allows you to play when it comes to psychic powers.  After that, we need to add a Captain because that re-roll aura is just too good. Naturally, we’re going to keep up with the Phobos theme. He’s kind of a steal at only 95 points.

Now, this next part is a little controversial. But we’re only doing it because we’re sticking with the theme. We’re going to double down on the Combat Patrol box and pick up a second one. Oh boy…

Why? Well, it’s a good deal and you’ll snag another unit of Infiltrators (which can alternately be built as Incursors), a second Lt. and the other support units. Plus that’s another 605 points putting us at roughly 1405 before wargear.  That gives us a solid core of Troops, Fast Attack, and HQs. Time for some heavy hitters.


It’s time to add Invictor Tactical Warsuits to this mess. Hey, we’re working with the theme here and they fit perfectly. Plus, they can do some heavy lifting for us. Clocking in at 160 points, we’re going to go for broke here and add 3 of them. That’s a whopping 480 points in Invictors. And you’re probably going to want to use that Flamer…just tossing that out there.

Points-wise that drops us in at 1885 which is still shy of 2000. However, we haven’t spent any points on wargear! That’s where we’re going to leave it though as the Wargear is really up to you.

Send In The Vanguard Space Marines

I’ll be honest — this is not my favorite Combat Patrol Box. However, if you’re going to pick one up you might as well lean into the theme. And this army is…different. I don’t know if I’d call it a “good” army but it’s sure as heck thematic! Plus, those three Invictor Warsuits are going to cause more problems for your opponent than you might think.

On paper I think this army could surprise people just because it’s not a build you’d expect to see. Vanguard Space Marine forces aren’t exactly tearing-up the meta though…so this is more of a fun challenge project than the next big GT winner. You have been warned.


Sometimes you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got and lean into the theme. Score those style points, people.


Author: Adam Harrison
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