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Kill Team: ‘Into The Dark’ Has Us Hyped For A New Season

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Aug 4 2022
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Kill Team is getting a new boxed set and it’s got some great goodies to be excited about. Let’s head ‘Into The Dark’ with the latest from Games Workshop.

We’ve been happy with Kill Team as a stand-alone skirmish game and the relaunch. It’s still got the tactical depth we’re looking for but with a different-enough ruleset that it’s not just smaller scale 40k games. With the new boxed set coming soon, Games Workshop is taking us on some intense boarding actions and we can’t wait to give it a spin.

via Warhammer Community

If you’re not aware, this boxed set is pitting two brand new warbands against each other in the bowels of a derelict Space Hulk. It’s the first time we’re seeing an all new Kroot Kindband. It’s also the first real look we’ve had at the Imperial Navy and their breacher teams. Let’s meet the warbands.

Kroot Kindband


Okay, I didn’t know I wanted a Kroot update until I saw these models. Uh…GW, you really need to get on that Kroot Mercenary Army now. Can we at least get a major Kroot update with the next T’au Codex?! This warband…sorry, Kinband, has a lot of cool looking characters and gear. Each model is telling a story and I want to know what it is!

Imperial Navy Breachers

If you’ve ever wondered who does the fighting when ship-to-ship battles have boarding actions, well, that’s who these Breacher Teams are. I gotta say I also like the look of this team. They have some interesting doodads and wargear to match. And they look like they are equipped for the job at hand.


The Terrain

I’m also really excited about the new Terrain in the boxed set. It’s a completely different theme than the previous versions. The Killzone here is all tight corridors and halls. It makes for a much more clostrophobic game board. I think that melee focused teams might fair a bit better as they can close the gap — but those choke points are going to be death traps. Part of me also wonders if you can use the old Space Hulk maps and this set to recreate those layouts…I might have to give that a try.

You’ll probably need more than one set…but I think it could be done. In anycase, this new box is a great launching point for new players. It’s got all the extras you’ll need to dive in. And for veterans, it’s got two new warbands as well as all that fancy terrain.

We’re excited to see what the next chapter of Kill Team holds for those intense boarding action style skirmishes. And I really want to recreate some Space Hulk action here!


Author: Adam Harrison
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