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Apocrypha Necromunda: ‘Sump City Sinking’ Free Rules

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Sep 20 2022

The Apocrypha Necromunda is back with some more free rules for you to use. This time Sump City is sinking to madness as Chaos seeps in.

The events of Cinderak Burning are having a big impact on the planet of Necromunda. We’ll have more on that later this week. In the meantime, Games Workshop has arranged a little preview of one of the issues that Hive Primus is facing: Chaos!

via Warhammer Community

“This month, we delve into the dark goings-on below Sump City (reputedly the lowest settlement in the underhive of Hive Primus). In the hidden warrens under this outland settlement, the Delaque come under attack from a savage Corpse Grinder Cult, the cultists’ diseased minds driven even further into madness by the opening of the Great Rift.”

Apocrypha Necromunda: Sump City Sinking – Download Here

Ideally, if you’re going to run this scenario and you want to follow the lore, then this fight should be against a Delaque Gang as the defender and the Corpse Grinders as the attacker. You’ll probably also want a Delaque Spyker in their respective gang, too.

If you don’t have either gang you can still run the scenario — but you’ll probably want to nominate a model as the requisite Spyker. You’ll probably also want the attackers to be uh…”blessed” by the Lord of Skin and Sinew to use those rules.


These rules are also optional for use with your regular campaigns — provided the Arbiter (or who ever is running the campaign) is cool with them. Just ask first before you use them, okay? Other than that the Scenario is a Star Chamber Attack which is fairly straightforward.

Can your Delaque Gang stop the Sump from sinking further into chaos or will the Corpse Grinders have some more meat to process at the end of the battle? This one promises to be a bloody good contest of Brains vs Brawn. But not Goliath Brawn….more like Chaos Cultists Brawn.

Cinderak is burning. Who’s going to put those fires out?

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