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D&D: Five Spells to Show the True Darkness in Your Soul

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Sep 14 2022

Spooky season is here. It’s time to brood in the shadows and dream of edginess. These five spells will show the darkness in your soul.

September is not only here but underway. And already you can see that nature is healing from the heat of summer because Spirit Halloween Stores are starting to appear in the wild. You can order something pumpkin spiced now, which means it’s goth season, baybee. Break out the Cure. Break out those Hot Topic gift cards. Go grab a brush and put on a little makeup (if you want to). Because it’s time to brood. Even if your night involves less staring at the moon and more playing D&D, you can still let your spooky goth flag fly. No need to visit a Fantasy Hot Topic. Wear your shadowy, brooding soul on your sleeve with these five spells.


Let’s start with the most obvious one, Darkness. This spell creates a magical pool of darkness that appears in an area you decide, so you can be surrounded by darkness everywhere you go. You won’t be able to see into or out of this darkness, so you might want Faerie Fire or some other non-spell magical light effect to let people outside of the darkness see you brooding within.

Shadow Blade

Okay so you have to fight, what could be gothier than pulling a black, shadowy blade from your soul itself? You create a sword of gloom itself (that’s what the book says) out of three strands of shadow you weave together. All you need is a raven familiar and you’re ready to be on the cover of a Type O Negative album.

Summon Shadow Spawn

They say that if you need to know the measure of a man, you simply count his friends. Well with this spell your friends will be darkness itself given form.

Dark Star


This one comes out of the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, proving that even a Critical Rolesperson can be a goth. After all, this spell summons an area of literal crushing darkness. Just like the crushing darkness we all live in, you’re just the only one who realizes it.

Chill Touch

And finally, we turned to the one cantrip on the list, the most misnamed spell in D&D. Because Chill Touch does neither cold damage nor is it a touch spell. Nobody understands it, it does necrotic damage and involves a spectral hand that prevents you from healing. What more do you want?

Happy Adventuring!

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