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MTG: For The Emperor, These Warhammer 40K Imperium Spoilers Are The Defenders Of Humanity

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Sep 18 2022

It’s time to dig into the Magic cards of the Imperium. Today we’re taking a look at Warhammer 40K’s Imperium spoilers.

Tyranids may be big and green. And we might have got a glimpse of Chaos and Necrons. But we all know that the Defenders of Humanity will have an incredible deck. And with white, blue, and black at their disposal, here’s what the Imperium holds in the upcoming Universes Beyond crossovers.

Warhammer 40K Imperium Spoilers For Universes Beyond

And what a crossover. The Imperium leans very heavily on white cards. Iconic things like And They Shall Know No Fear and For the Emperor turn up as spells that empower your Marines and beleaguered humans. While you bring characters like a Grey Knight Paragon or Space Marine Devastator into the fray.

There’s such a wide variety of the Imperium. Astartes take a majority, but the other factions of the Imperium make a pretty solid appearance. Here you can see how a Vexilus Praetor is represented, loaded down with the Aegis of the Emperor, they have protection from everything.

And the Zephyrim are super great the turn you draw them. A 3/3 flier you can potentially bring out on turn 3? Or later for more of them?

But what really gets me is how much of a story each of these cards tells. Not just in flavor text, but in moments from 40K even cas card names. Deploy to the Front just feels good to play, and Imperium Decks can do a lot with tokens. Especially since Hour of Reckoning will leave your Soldier tokens standing.


The Imperium is blue, black, and white though. And in blue, we get a look at the Mechanicum:

It’s particularly thrilling to see a Sicarian Infiltrator with flash and squad–all of a sudden, you can have Infiltrators everywhere. Meanwhile the Arco-Flagellant highlights the darker side of the Imperium.

Death is very much a part of life in the Imperium. But now take a look at the characters of the Imperium!


Putting together a Commander Deck out of all of these, is going to be absolutely wild.

Stay tuned for more 40K/MTG Spoilers

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