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MTG: Warhammer 40K Black Spoilers Are For Necrons And Chaos

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Sep 21 2022

We’re back with another batch of spoilers for Magic’s Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40K. Gaze upon the Necron dynasty and despair.

Actually gaze upon Necrons and Chaos. Since those two have the most overwhelming presence with the range of black cards for Magic’s upcoming Warhammer 40K expansion. Necron Commanders will find the inevitability of their Warriors to be superb. While Chaos Commanders will revel in the sheer death and destruction that Chaos (and mostly Nurgle) can cause.

Let’s take a look!

Warhammer 40K Black Spoilers – Necrons And Chaos


We’ve seen Szarekh and Imotekh before, and they are just as powerful. If you want to mill artifacts into your hand, Szarekh will lead the charge, awakening Necrons across the galaxy. But we also get a look at Anrakyr the Traveller, who can bring artifacts out for life instead of mana, which is incredible. While Biotransference turns everything into artifacts, including creature cards NOT on the battlefield. Which opens up so many plays.

And Blight Grenade kills at least one creature and possibly several more. Thank you Greatfather Nurgle for the explosive gift of removal.

We get to see most every miniature in the Necron army represented here. Including the new Chronomancer, and Illuminor Szeras who can turn creatures into mana. Which is pretty strong. But the star here is the lone Great Unclean One, who creates Plaguebearers any time an opponent has less life than you every end step.


Mortarion wades into battle with Astartes Warriors, but the Necron Deathmark is probably my favorite. Destroy a creature, mill three cards, and you can flash it.

Nurgle’s Rot plays heavily in black’s swamps. Which makes all manner of thematic sense.

The profane and the different profane are both at play here. With both C’tan bringing some hefty, potentially game ending abilities to the battlefield. Shard of the Nightbringer just immediately steals half an opponent’s life. While the Shard of the Void Dragon makes your opponents give up their boards every time it attacks.

Sloppity Bilepiper is both incredibly fun to say, and has an extremely fun ability. While the paired: Their Number Is Legion, Their Name Is Death cards will put the battlefield in your control. Unless you’re also fighting Necrons.


All in all there are some standout moments in this set. Including the War in Heaven saga.

And several 40K themed reprints including a new Dark Ritual, Dread Return, and more:

All this in Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40K

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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