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Warhammer 40K X Magic: 5 Necron Cards To Watch Out For

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Sep 16 2022

The Necrons are coming to smash your commander decks to dust and rebuild their Dynasty! Check out these 5 Cards from their commander deck.

Wizards of the Coast has dropped a bunch more spoilers for the upcoming Universes Beyond Magic: The Gathering card set. This crossover features 4 commander decks from the Warhammer: 40,000 universe and we’re here for it. Today, we’re checking out 5 more cards from the Necrons that are looking pretty bonkers. Can you build a deck around them besides a commander format? We know folks are going to try…

via Wizards of the Coast


Let’s just start with this unassuming card. Biotransference turns your creatures into artifacts in addition to whatever other types they were. However, everytime you cast an artifact spell, you lose 1 life and gain a 2/2 black Necron token. It’s important to note that his basically means every time you play a creature you’re losing 1 life and getting a 2/2 black Necron token…that’s going to be important later.


The Cryptek allows you to designate a creature that’s about to die this turn to come right back after it dies under your control. Ya know…as long as it’s an artifact. Which, if it’s a Necron, it’s got a really high chance at being. Also, see Biotransference.

Shard of the Nightbringer

The Shard of the Nightbringer isn’t a cheap card. This is certainly one of those creatures you’re going to drop when it’s about time to go for the throat. But if an 8/8 flyer isn’t good enough check out that Drain Life ability. That should help in getting back all that life you’re losing with a vengeance! Especially if you’re using the next card to help pay for it…


Anrakyr The Traveller

Paying 8 life to play the Nightbringer from your graveyard seems REAL GOOD. Not to mention Anrakyr is a 4/4 beatstick on his own. The combos with this and some of the other cards are real good…if you don’t mind playing with your life pool.

Necron Overlord

You know how you’re making all those artifacts and but you just can’t see a way past all their blockers? Well, if you need a back-up plan then the Necron Overlord is your plan B. Just hit your opponent directly for X damage!

There’s a BUNCH more Necron cards to check out from this set. We’re pumped about it and while I’m still Team Tyranid, I’m looking forward to the other decks to figure out how those will work!


Those Necrons are back in black!


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