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Jon Snow Show, Leagues of Votann Nerfs, Kamui Cosplay Interview – Weekend Rewind

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Oct 2 2022

Dive into this weekend’s hottest news – Leagues of Votann Nerfs, Sentinels join Marvel: Crisis Protocol, the Aliens board game, and more!

Five Characters We Need To See In The Jon Snow Show

With a new Jon Snow show blowing in from the North, is it too early to start imagining the return of some favorite characters?

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Biggest Changes In ‘One D&D’s Expert Classes – Unearthed Arcana

In the Expert Classes Unearthed Arcana, there are many changes big and small. These are the biggest ones worth noting.

Kamui Cosplay: An Interview With The Queen Of Crafting

Kamui Cosplay is a beacon of creativity and education in the cosplay space. This week we’re diving into the world of Svetlana and Benni’s cosplay!

Tabletop Spotlight: Let’s Talk Leagues Of Votann Nerfs

In this week’s Tabletop Spotlight Adam and Matt talk about the Leagues of Votann Nerfs and show off more awesome board games!


The ‘Aliens’ Board Game Might Be The Best Movie Tie-In Game Ever

The Aliens franchise is hugely popular. But the first official Aliens board game went mostly unnoticed. Not sure why. It’s fantastic.

The Sentinels have always been towering and imposing in any iteration in which they appear. And their appearance in Marvel Crisis Protocol is no different! These TOWER over even the greatest Colossus.

Author: Mars Garrett
  • Warhammer 40K: The Aeldari's Great Seer - Eldrad Ulthran