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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to Laurana Kanan

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Nov 20 2022

Laurana Kanan was one of the most pivotal figures in the War of the Lance. Beautiful, skilled, and deadly, she was a warrior princess.

In the long saga of the War of the Lance, one figure plays a pivotal role, both as Golden General during the War of the Lance, and a hero to the Qualinesti elves. Lauralanthalas Kanan, or Laurana Kanan as she was more commonly known, was a princess of Qualinesti, who became so much more.

Her story, like many, is wrapped up in the War of the Lance. This conflict plucked her from her home. And swept her into the course of history. But before all that, she was a young elven princess, in love with a half-elf.

Laurana Kanan – Early Life

Lauralanthalas Kanan was the youngest child of the Speaker of the Sun. Her older brothers were trained as warriors. A calling that Laurana felt. But her father, Solostaran Kanan, made sure she learned social graces and arts. She learned to communicate telepathically with griffons.

Of course, she learned swordplay as well. Though her instruction was intended to be mostly ceremonial. As the child of elven royalty, she had whatever she desired. Whatever her caretakers did not give her, she could use her beauty and charm to acquire

The young Laurana was greatly spoiled and pampered. And grew up headstrong and naive. Which is perhaps why she fell in love with her father’s ward, Tanis Half-Elven.

As the two grew up, they grew closer. And the two entered into a secret relationship. Theirs was a forbidden romance that had all the appeal of rebellion with all the intrigue of royalty. Naturally, they agreed to marry. Laurana even gave Tanis a ring to symbolize their betrothal, so seriously did she take her word.


Tanis, on the other hand, was quick to let his promise go after meeting Kitiara Uth Matar, and entering into a relationship with her. To be fair to the half-elf, he did depart Qualinesti without the intention of ever returning. Laurana’s brothers had convinced him it would be wise. With angry words that “a bastard half-human” would never be worthy of an elven princess, Tanis left.

And Laurana, though devastated by his departure, grew into a skilled and savvy politician.

War of the Lance

Laurana spent many years learning diplomacy, politics, and swordplay. When the world was caught up in the shadow of war, she prepared. Prepared for most circumstances. But she could scarcely have predicted that one day Tanis, her lost love, would come strolling back into Qualinost, and also her heart.

However, by this time, Tanis and Kitiara were in a relationship. And the half-elf returned Laurana’s ring. Where most people might be emotionally decimated, Laurana, stubborn as she was, was determined to win back her love.

She covertly followed the Companions of the Lance on their mission to Pax Thrakas. And though she had initially set off in search of Tanis, she quickly led efforts to care for refugees and rescue those in need.

Her golden heart began to win over Tanis. And the lovers’ triangle of Kitiara-Tanis-Laurana began to play out alongside the War of the Lance. After Kitiara joined the enemy, she attacked Laurana, hoping for easy prey, a win for both the Dragon Armies and a move against her romantic rival.


But Lauralanthalas Kanan was a master swordsman. She fought Kitiara to a standstill until the latter fled at the arrival of Solamnic Knights.

After helping the Companions acquire a Dragon Orb, the princess was instrumental in making sure that the elves, who wanted to use the Dragon Orb not to win the war, but for their own selfish aims, couldn’t.

During the siege of the High Clerist’s Tower, Laurana fought valiantly. She repulsed multiple assaults and ultimately used the power of the orb to control dragons, allowing the forces of good an easy victory over their helpless prey.

After single-handedly causing the Blue Dragon Army to rout, Laurana once again came face to face with Kitiara Uth Matar, who revealed that, though the princess had won the battle, Tanis was back at the Highlord’s fortress, waiting in Kitiara’s bed.

Laurana – Golden General

After routing a Dragon Army, the Lord Commander of the Knights of Solamnia himself appointed Laurana as commander of the knights guarding the realm of Palanthas. Not only that, but the people of Palanthas, moved by the victory, pledged themselves in service to the Golden General.

Though she was heartbroken to lose Tanis to Kitiara, Lauranthalas Kanan was a leader. And lead she did. As General of the Whitestone Army, she led an assault on Vingaard. Working with griffons and good dragons who had, at last, joined the war, Laurana led an aerial assault that disrupted the enemy so that her armies could take the landing.

She won the Battle of Throtl, the Battle of the Narrows, and the Battle at Margaard Ford. Each time, she was outnumbered. And each time she came up with a clever scheme that allowed her forces to steal victory. Her inspirational leadership, bold strategies, and innovative tactics made her a hero to Krynn.


As she won battle after battle and freed occupied city after occupied city, she, at last, drew the attention of Kitiara Uth Matar, Highlord of Dragons.

Lover’s Quarrel

Dragons of Triumph

Using Laurana’s one weakness, Tanis, as bait, Kitiara successfully lured the Golden General into a perfect trap. Lord Soth, the most powerful death knight on Krynn, captured her and took her to Kitiara’s fortress. While the triumphant Uth Matar broke the morale of the Whitestone Army, by demanding that they surrender or else see their general executed.

Tanis, finally realizing that playing with the hearts of powerful women had actual repercussions and could lose the war for the forces of good, tried to broker a deal to release Laurana. However, Kitiara had promised the elven princess’s soul to Lord Soth.

Tanis, whose plan to save the woman he supposedly loved, was to pretend to be evil, did exactly that. And he had the audacity to be surprised when Laurana didn’t believe his promise that he was good.

While he tried to exchange the Crown of Power for Laurana’s life, she instead fought both him and Kitiara, causing chaos among the Dragon Army forces. In the fracas, the Crown of Power slipped free. And the factions of the evil army began fighting with each other to see who would win.

All this distraction allowed the other heroes in the Companions of the Lance, to seal away Takhisis and win the war.

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