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D&D: Five Spells Fit For Feasting

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Nov 26 2022

This is a week for feasting, and when you’re a wizard, it’s gets even easier to stuff yourself with five spells fit for feasting.

Feasts are a staple of fantasy stories. For whatever reason, when we step back into the trappings of taverns and castles, we just expect there to be a lot of talk about food. Whether it’s George Reorge Reorge Martin going on for way too long about sugar crusted pies and beef dripping into onions, or J.R.R. Tolkien going on for slightly too long about Lembas Bread, or the chapters’ worth of stews, honeycakes, and so on you can find in the pages of the collected Dragonlance series, fantasy and food just fit.

So naturally, adventurers in D&D will want to feast. And you can do it pretty easily with these five spells.


It might be the lowest level spell on this list (in fact it’s a cantrip, so technically it doesn’t have a level) but it’s one of the most important. Prestidigitation is a cook’s best friend. It lets you instantly light a flame, up to a small campfire, instantly clean or soil an object no larger than 1 cubic foot–so cleaning those veggies was never easier–or most importantly you can chill, warm, of flavor up to 1 cubic foot of nonliving material for 1 hour.

This last one is doing a ton of work for you, because it either cools off the dishes you need to keep cool, heats up the dishes best served warm, or lets you get the flavors just exactly right. And since you can cast the spell multiple times, keeping up to three effects going at once, you can do flavor up to three cubic feet of food all at once–which is a pretty hefty box:

You can fit a lot of dinners in that one, folks.

Create Food and Water


This one is less an “epic fantasy feast” spell and more, you ruined your roast and now you have to figure out what you’re going to do because your dinner guest has arrived and you can’t just pop out the window to purchase fast food and disguise it as your own cooking (which is a delightfully devilish move, to be sure). Instead, create food and water lets you instantly create enough food to sustain up to fifteen humanoids for 24 hours.

And while it’s bland but nourishing, with the judicious use of prestidigitation and maybe a glibness or two, you’ll be enjoying delicious food with an obscure regional dialect nickname in no time flat.

Heroes’ Feast

Finally we get to the first of our feasting spells. This is one of the ones that the budding fantasy author side of your DM can really flex their creative description muscles with, as Heroes’ Feast creates a massive, magical feast full of “magnificent food and drink.”

The food created by this spell is so magically delicious that it cures any and all diseases or poison (and makes you immune to poison for good measure) as well as making you fearless, with advantage on Wisdom saving throws, and an influce of 2d10 hit points that temporarily increase your max HP for 24 hours.


This spell requires a little bit of the imagination because it takes an hour to cast and you have to perform a ceremony as a part of casting the spell. But what is a ceremony, really? Is it reading ceremonial words for an hour? Or is it performing about 15 minutes of ‘rites’ and then telling everyone to dig into the potluck they brought to the function.


Magnificent Mansion

Finally we get to the ultimate feasting spell, as Magnificent Mansion not only creates the feast, but it gives you a magical space to feast in, and servants to serve your guests and make sure everyone has exactly what they need.

Happy Adventuring