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D&D: So THAT’S What Happens if You Eat Trail Rations for Three Days Like an Adventurer Would

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Nov 30 2022

Ever wondered what it would be like to actually eat the “rations” listed on your D&D character sheet? Bob World Builder has.

In Dungeons & Dragons, a character can survive for days out in the dangerous wilds with nothing more than their wits and some trail rations. Also with their swords, spells, and other adventuring equipment. Because the dangerous wilds are full of owlbears and flameskulls and the like.

D&D, believe it or not, has some surprisingly detailed rules for what it takes to survive in a day. Characters need a gallon of water and a pound of food to survive without penalty for a day in the wilderness. And one YouTuber, who has previously put the rules to the real-life test, decided to see what it would be like to survive on a diet of D&D rations for 3 days.

Here’s Bob of Bob World Builder, who painstakingly put together as “rules-accurate” a ration as possible. Including a “survival check” to try and forage for additional food. How did it turn out?

Eating D&D Rations for Three Days

Turns out the rules aren’t that far off. Even if the diet was a little bit bland or same-y (once the proper balance was achieved), everything turned out pretty well. Rations, as described in the PHB, consist of jerky, dried fruit, hardtack, and nuts.

Which, unsurprisingly, make for good traveling food, whether you’re on land or at sea. Just make sure you’ve got something to soak those hard-tack biscuits in before you try and eat them.

And, like any good adventurer with either survival skill (or the Outlander background) these foods can be supplemented:


It’s all good fun until someone gets ash on your tomatoes and the wraiths come out to get you. At any rate, it’s a fun look at the “real world” of D&D.

Happy Adventuring

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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