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D&D: Spelljammer Errata Unleashed!

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Nov 15 2022

Alongside the outline of their new Inclusivity Policies, WotC released a batch of Spelljammer errata, to be used from this point forward.

Spelljammer made the headlines last week as Wizards of the Coast unveiled their new guidelines for inclusivity. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space‘s second printing will be the first document to undergo this new process. And it’s put to the test with a batch of new errata.

The new changes include several rules updates. Including a fix for glide. Sadly, WotC has patched out wave dashing in this batch of errata.

Spelljammer Errata – Astral Adventurer’s Guide

The Astral Adventurer’s Guide is the player’s handbook for Spelljammer. It contains myriad player options. And it is the two new player races that come under the errata lens here. First a minor but substantive tweak to Astral Elves.

Astral Elves are now fully considered elves:

“The following sentence has been appended to the “Creature Type” subsection: “You are also considered an elf for any prerequisite or effect that requires you to be an elf.”

Elves are elves. News at five. But this matters, because this codifies the fact that they can take feats like Elven Accuracy, which requires you to be an elf or half-elf.

The Hadozee have been given a big update to their lore. Hadozee were recently at the heart of the controversy that sparked both the errata and the new inclusivity policies. Their new lore is pictured here:


And on top of that, some of their abilities have been changed too. Glide in particular. This has been the subject of much debate. Glide was an ability that let you move five feet forward for every foot you fell. Leading many to wonder at Hadozee’s speeds. Could they jump up a foot in the air and move five feet forward as they fell? Did that movement cost speed?

Now the text has been updated to reflect that Glide only works when you fall at least ten feet above the ground. It takes your reaction. And now instead of moving at this five feet per foot of descended distance, you use your reaction to move horizontally a number of feet equal to your walking speed and you take 0 damage from the fall.

Boo’s Astral Menagerie Updates

A number of monsters in Boo’s Astral Menagerie have also been reworked.

The astral elf star priest is CR 5. Young solar dragon becomes CR 9. Ancient solar dragon revised to CR 21. In addition, these monsters have had hit points and in some cases attack bonuses adjusted.

All in all, fairly minor tweaks. But the changes are already in place on D&D Beyond. And in some cases, the rules changes had been in place weeks before the errata document was released. Glide was changed back in September. This marks the first time WotC “patched” a book like this, live, via D&D Beyond.


Happy Adventuring

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