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Did You Know You Can Play D&D in Dominaria?

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Nov 3 2022

Dominaria is back baybee, with two new Magic sets. But did you know there’s an official, free D&D guide to Dominaria too?

The marvels of Dominaria can be yours in D&D, thanks to a free “official” guide to Dominaria from James Wyatt himself. Wyatt, who has worked heavily for both Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons put out a series of guides called Plane Shifts. Each Plane Shift tackled one of Magic’s more popular planes.

And with Dominaria back in the limelight with Dominaria United and Brothers’ War, we thought it’d be fun to revisit one of our favorites, Planeshift: Dominaria.


Now it’s worth noting that these free supplements aren’t Adventurer’s League official or anything. But they’re still generally well-written and give you the tools you need to play with the Plane. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Planeshift: Dominaria.

D&D in Dominaria – A Plane Shift

Dominaria, in a nutshell, is a vast, expansive plane. It’s the classic fantasy archetypal plane at the very beginning of Magic. This is why you’ll find numerous landmasses, vast oceans, and room for just about every slice of the color pie. On the main continent of Aerona and the surrounding lands, you’ll find the Domains.

These are the more popular/written-about areas in Magic’s storied history. Central Aerona is ruled by Benalia and their banding heroes. Above Benalia you’ll find the floating spires of the Church or Serra. South and east of Benalia you’ll find the Llanowar forest, where you can tap elves for green mana. And beyond that, the Voda Sea, where the Vodalian merfolk live. Even out to the magic islands of Tolaria.


And all of these get a little more screen time, and some suggestions for how you might play them. In Benalia, Clerics might be members of the Serran church. While Rangers might be Benalish Heroes. You’ll find a guide to running adventures in Benalia, through the Serran Church, out on the Vodalian sea, and even at the Tolarian Academies. It’s a great resource for DMs or Players hoping to learn more about the setting.

But the Plane Shift also includes rules for Aven a new race, quite similar to aarakocra, as well as new monsters: the Homarid and Kavu.

You’ll also find quite a list of variant humans to pick from. Including Keldons, who tower at heights enough to make anyone say “yes, mommy!” in a breathless whisper.

So if you want to take your D&D game to Dominaria alongside the release of the new sets, here’s everything you need.

Download Plane Shift: Dominaria Here!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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