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James Gunn Wants the DCEU to Stretch Across Film & Television

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Nov 29 2022

Following the success of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, James Gunn wants to use his new power at DC Films to build an expansive DCU.

DC Films has really struggled to consistently keep up with Kevin Feige’s MCU. In October, Warner Bros. Discovery finally chose the new leader(s) of DC films and animation. After the departure of Walter Hamada, DC has appointed two of its most successful producers as co-CEOs. With Peter Safran (Aquaman) and Gunn at the wheel, it looks like DC may finally be on the road to greatness.

James Gunn Talks DC Films to TV

On Sunday, Gunn took to Twitter to answer some fan questions about the future of the DCU under his and Safran’s leadership. The biggest news came when he confirmed that DCU will be connected across mediums.

Of course, this isn’t a surprise coming from the guy who brought the first DCU show to HBO Max. Peacemaker was an incredibly successful spin-off of 2021’s The Suicide Squad. The show received critical acclaim (rightfully), led in charm force by John Cena. I mean, James Gunn had to say yes to more TV shows after introducing a whole slew of D-list characters to DCU canon. Maybe I should tweet at Gunn and inquire about the highly-anticipated Bat-Mite show.

Gunn and Safran Have Big Plans for the DCU

Gunn also confirmed that in addition to TV series, there will be some animated series or specials that could connect to the DCU. Some shows, like the very adult animated series Harley Quinn, will stay in their respective universes. But it looks like the DCU will have its own animated features, too. DC has always had a strong history with animation, so it makes sense that the DCU would be a part of that legacy.


Video game fans also got some news to get excited about. Gunn has said we can expect some DCU video games in the future!



Author: Danni Danger
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