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MTG: 5 Legends You’ll Want from Brother’s War (that aren’t Urza and Mishra)

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Nov 16 2022

The Brother’s War was full of mighty heroes. There’s no reason you couldn’t recruit a few of your own for your MTG Commander decks.

The war between the planeswalker Urza and his brother Mishra was one of the most dynamic conflicts in Magic history. It set in motion the defeat of Yawgmoth, the creation of Argentum, and by extension, the birth of New Phyrexia. In an attempt to reverse the devastating effects of New Phyrexia’s invasion, the time-mage Teferi has traveled back to that tumultuous time. Regardless of whether his endeavors are successful, players are treated to an artifact-heavy set full of flashy new cards. As a commander player, my first look is always the new legendary creatures in a new set. Thankfully, Brother’s War delivers some extraordinary new heroes and villains. Here are five brand-new legendary creatures you’ll want to have in your commander decks (or leading them).

Myrel, Shield of Argive

Keeping the theme of creature spam alive in White, Myrel is here to lead a stall and overwhelm Soldier token deck. Whether you want to drown your enemies in creatures, stall them out with stasis mechanics, or get artifact value, Myrel has the tools for you. Her ability to synergize with Affinity effects from Mirrodin or the new precon Urza is of particular note. Whatever you want to do, this general can get you there from the command zone OR the ninety-nine.

Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor

Keeping the spirit of deadly Phyrexians alive, Gix is an absolute powerhouse card. His ability triggers off ANY creature that hits one of your opponents, making him deceptively group-focused. If you combo that with the Sheoldred from Dominaria, you can actually GAIN life and still get card advantage. Your opponents will have to suffer an additional two. On your turn, if you have a lot of open mana and can slam your creatures through, you can fill up your hand, then dump it and steal your opponent’s hard-earned wincons.

Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea

If there are two things green decks love, it’s making mana and summoning massive creatures. Gwenna capitalizes on both while also living in two of green’s most popular tribes. Her ability to add multiple colors to your pool, then buff herself and do it AGAIN if the creature you summoned is stompy enough makes her an almost auto-include in most monogreen or Simic decks. Combine her with a Vorinclex or any proliferate source and watch your elves become behemoths before your eyes.


Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

Self-wheel with recursion? Sounds great to me. Queen Kayla allows you to not only cycle out your hand for a new one but also brings back up to three artifacts or creatures that you chucked for free! If you have strong ETB effects, like a Myr Retriever, this could be a free redraw. With all the powerful and low-cost red, white, and colorless cards in the set, this is an incredible ability. Speaking of low-cost power…

Liberator, Urza’s Battlethopter

A living Apache helicopter, Liberator is the king of the slow grow murder machine. Giving all your artifacts and Eldrazi Flash, plus growing every time you spend big mana, Liberator can get out of control fast. With the new powerstone tokens, kicker, or X spells, you can quickly make Liberator a problem. Just watch out for removal; he’s especially allergic.

Which Legendary Creatures are your favorite?

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