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‘Star Wars: Andor’ Finale: Five Things We Want To See

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Nov 22 2022

The Andor season finale is almost here, and there are a few loose ends we’d like to see addressed before season two.

The Andor finale is right around the corner and we can’t wait. This season has been some of the best new non-animated Star Wars I’ve seen in years and I am certain that they will stick the landing in this week’s episode. Here are a few things we’re hoping we get to see in the Andor season finale.


Full Blown Revolution on Ferrix

via Lucasfilm

The people on Ferrix have had a terrible couple of months since the start of the season. Cassian’s scuffle in the bar during episode one set off a chain of events that resulted in increased Imperial presence, torture, and death. A theme of this season has been that pushing people to their limits will result in getting pushed back. And I’d like to think that like the jailbreak on Narkina 5, everyone on Ferrix is just about at their limit. We know from the season’s trailers that there will be some amount of fighting here, but it’s hard to know how far this will go. Personally, I’m pretty sure we’ll see Ferrix stand up to the Empire, and whatever terrible consequences that will bring. We also know that there are some underground tunnels, and I can only hope those come into play at some point.



Somebody Get Syril

Love the Star Wars space tie, though.

Syril Karn is one of the most annoyingly realistic characters in all of Star Wars. His general try-hard-boot-licking attitude makes him an important character in this season and a driving force in the investigation into Cassian. But my goodness does he have a punchable face? His purpose this season has been clear and Kyle Soller did a fanatic job portraying Syril. But I really hope we get to see him get some comeuppance.

What about Dedra, though? That’s a good question! She’s awful, but she’s finally coming into her own as the compelling supervillain we can really hate and I hope she’s back for season two.


Cassian’s Sister


Way back in episode one Cassian was looking for his long-lost sister. This search was in part what kickstarted the events of the entire series. And somehow we’ve never returned to his search at all. I know Cassian- and the entire galaxy- have been a bit busy, but finding his sister was clearly incredibly important to him before he had to go on the run. Leaving all of the potential character motivation here mentioned and untapped feels like it should be a Chekhov’s Gun and I would love for this to come full circle somehow.


What’s Luthen’s Deal?

It has always felt like there is more to Luthen than meets the eye. He’s an antiquities dealer slash Rebel leader, but it seems like there’s something else too. When we first met him he had a kyber crystal necklace and recently he had a weapon that didn’t not look sort of like a lightsaber. While I’m not assuming that he was a Jedi who got away, it’s as good a theory as any and there is definitely more to know about him. I’d like for the season finale of Andor to fill us in.

What do you hope to see in this week’s season finale? How have you enjoyed Andor? Are you looking forward to season two? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!


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