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Warhammer 40K Hot Mess – The Space Marine Storm Raven

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Nov 29 2022

Man the Storm Raven is seriously paying for the crimes it committed when we had Index Edition 40k. Still it is a “face” of the Space Marine kit and we have to find a way to make it better.

Once, the Skies were darkened by Grey Storm Ravens drenching the sky in bullets, missiles, and too many dang reroll auras.  Heck it is one of the few Models we all question how it would work. Storm Ravens were always a weird kit. A giant box of a flyer that was meant to be an assault vehicle that was like a baby Thunder Hawk.  It would deposit its belly full of Angry Marines whether in red, silver, or blue.  The idea behind it was always to deliver pain and initially that was what it did.  As editions change and things bubble to the top we got the next version – the bullet hell Storm Raven.

With rerolls galore this beast of a vehicle would fly around the table, be hard to hit, and murder you with bullet hell.  It is funny to think that at one point we thought it shot too much but compare it to some of the other options we see this poor little flyer is just not nearly as scary as we once thought it could be. Let’s try to rework it a bit and see if we can make it good but not too broken again.

Make it a True Assault Option

Look this thing needs to move fast and insert pain quickly.  Let it throw a unit out like some kind of slingshot of doom with the threat of losing a guy or two.  This is supposed to the be shock and awe of the Marine army so let it do that.

Make it Harder to Take Out

Let it fly high and then come down all at the same time in a turn.  This way it can have a bit of protection before it vomits out its deadly passengers.  Give it some better shielding options too or just let it get -1 damage just to allow it to survive the pain that is out there.  Throwing guys in a box – whether flying or on the ground – can be an issue when the box costs too dang much or is too easy to punch through.

Hey Let it Take Everyone for a Ride!

I don’t care that the Primaris vehicle options are floating let this guy carry those dudes.  Let it carry a Redemptor dreadnought too and just let it be a cool vehicle for all Marines.  There doesn’t need to be a Primaris version of it when this boxy skybus can do it all or you.


Let it Shoot More

This thing needs to shoot more and have some other cool missile options.  Let it have a Frag Hell like ability that hits every unit it flies over.  Let its Assault Cannon do more for it or just let it have a sweet anti vehicle Lascannon that is 3+d3.  Just let it do more for you so it is worth burning your sweet points for it.

Let It Do Real Work

The Marine book is so full of older, lame empty choices that making a vehicle good would be helpful.  I hope the new book that ends up coming at some point pairs a lot of things down and then makes some of the distinct plastic kits just better.  I think there isn’t any point in remaking this as it works fine as is – plus Marines need their baby T Hawk to actually do something like spit out death and be a pain in the butt as it skates around the table top.

Let us know how you would fix the unit, down in the comments! 


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