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Warhammer 40K: 30 Years of Fiends of Slaanesh

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Nov 2 2022

Take a look back three decades at one of the most exotic and horrifying denizens of the GW universe – Fiends of Slaanesh

We are starting with today’s Fiends and rolling the clock back with each earlier version.

Fiends of Slaanesh Basics

Slaanesh’s Fiends are warp-birthed monstrosities that perversely mix human, reptile, and insect characteristics in a single form. They are endowed with long, slender bodies covered with delicate scales, whip-like tails with mesmerizing movements, four legs with humanoid feet, and two claw-like arms they employ for disemboweling their enemies. Their heads are bovine-like, covered with horns and gleaming eyes; their mouths narrow and fanged, with a characteristic long tongue used for tasting the air and endowed with a soporific substance which induces coma in those caressed by it.

In battle, the Fiends show an unnatural ability and speed, leaping towards their prey and balancing on their tail and pincers, and running in a confusing side-to-side movement which often confounds their enemies. As they gather for the kill they let out a keening song that by itself can cause death or terrible damage to organs.

When not in battles, the Fiends may be found frolicking in the Realm of Slaanesh, where they amuse themselves by hunting each other and any interlopers, whom they slowly and languidly dissect and kill.

The Current Version (2018)

Even though Slaanesh was on a sabbatical for years in the Age of Sigmar, his Hedonites are having a good time in the Grimdark, and enjoying the rebirth of their patron – courtesy of Morathi’s collateral damage..oopsie.

The latest models. The row of boobs is on full display, with leather harnesses all over the place. Note the crabclaws – they change each edition. These are larger models than the previous editions, but retain all the classic design elements from the head to the claws, to the freaky forward/backwards legs, and barbed tail. Extra note, these are the first Fiends with clothes. With the size increase, GW could eventually turn theese into daemonic mounts, similar to Seekers.


The Previous Version (2005-2018)

Turning back the clock to 2005 takes us to the previous iteration of Fiends.  They had a very different vibe than the minis that came before. The giant 90s crab claws are toned down and there is a more centaur vibe – plus the oddest boobs of them all. Even in the artwork it’s hard to tell what’s going on between the male-female,  sinister-dexter sides.

Out with the cartoony crab claws, and scorpion tail.  These Fiends who survived for 13 years became taller, more upright, and forceful. No more of the low to the ground scuttling vibe for these models.

The bare chest confuses me…and TRAMPLED…

Welcome to the 90s! (1996-2005)

We’re headed back to 2nd Edition, and 1996.  These metal minis are the second incarnation of everyone’s favorite boob-centaurs. These have plenty of small metal parts wiht small contact points. So take out the super-glue and DON’T drop them!


These are the most “horrific – daemonic” of the editions of Fiends. They have the largest crab-claws of them all, and the most cartoonish scorpion tails.

They bulked up a bit from the skinny original fiends.

The Original Creepy Fiends (1989-1996)

Welcome to the 80s! Here we see the original metal mini for the Daemonettes that accompanied the Realms of Chaos books in 1989.

These are very slight of build, with quite small crab claws. Note the variety of the heads. These models were extremely tricky to assemble and get their legs properly aligned in the two long rows of the old cavalry slotta bases. I still have a couple of these little cuties lying around. Again, get out your superglue – and all the pink paint you can muster!


Here is one of my favorite pieces of art from the Realms of Chaos books from the late 1980s. Fiend vs Bloodletter. Enjoy the kiss of the Slaanesh. Daemonettes in the background are SO OVER IT!


~Which ones are your favorite models and who is still rocking some of these on the tabletop?

Those chains are getting looser and looser…

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