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Warhammer 40K: World Eater Points Image Appears – But Is It Real?

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Nov 11 2022

A purported World Eater points list is doing the rounds today, but there may be less than meets the eye. Take a look and decide.

We are deep into the Astra Militarum leadup to release, and already folks are chomping at the bit for World Eater news. There has been a lot of talk and yes, we know the codex ic coming. Based on GW needing to fully release AM, and the upcoming holiday season, I expect GW to stick with their normal release strategy.

That is to release something BIG and spicy early in Q1 to shore up numbers in a normally slow quarter and World Eaters fits the bill perfectly. We will have to wait to see if those 10th Edition reboot rumors from a couple months back pan out –  but any 9th edition World Eater codex may have a short shelf-life indeed.


Onto World Eaters the “Rumor-Leak”

This image has been doing the rounds all over the place today but this one comes from Bolter & Chainsword’s Handsome Fred:

Some Basics

First off this comes out to:

World Eaters Total Units: 22

  • HQ: 5
  • Troops: 2
  • Elites:4
  • Fast Attack: 1
  • Heavy Support: 6
  • Flyer: 1
  • Transport: 1
  • Lords of War: 2

Now compare that to say Leagues of Votann, also an all new army, then Thousand Sons – a direct equivalent CSM Cult Legion codex:


Leagues of Votann Total Units: 12

  • HQ: 5
  • Troops: 1
  • Elites:2
  • Fast Attack: 2
  • Heavy Support: 2

Thousand Sons Total Units: 25

  • HQ: 6
  • Troops: 3
  • Elites:3
  • Fast Attack: 2
  • Heavy Support: 8
  • Flyer: 1
  • Transport: 1
  • Lords of War: 1


This one’s got some fishy things going on. first up, The file image has no metadata – which is unnatural. So the metadata was manually deleted. This implies volition on the part of the image creator.  Next, It has a lot of things we would expect like Lord Invocatus, but there are some odd omissions. To me in particular only 1 FA choice (Spawn) seems very odd. Now maybe Zerks riding Juggers is good enough for an Elites and or HQ choice, but things like fast assault elements NOT being in a World Eaters codex don’t add up. Where are the Raptors? Where are the Bikers?  For that matter, where is the Generic Chaos Lord?

Let’s Talk Angron. I think 360 is a bit light for a Daemon Primarch. Magnus is 450, Mortarion is 490 and a Bloodthirster/Skarbrand runs right around 330.  So the question is after all these decades of waiting, do we think Angron should just be a minor variation on a Bloodthirster, or something far greater? Hmmm. Finally that sheet being on page 88 of the codex is a little on the nose.  Overall there’s a lot of odd choices and coincidences. Could it be accurate – certainly. But I’m leaning more towards 60/40 in favor it being hoax.


Let the Khornate buyer beware (yet still eagerly awaiting the new codex).

Author: Larry Vela
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