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40K: Ain’t No Shame in Your War Game – FTN

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Dec 5 2022

There’s more to wargaming than winning. In this episode, we talk about other ways to have fun with the game and in the hobby.

Paul spent this weekend at PAX Unplugged with the GW team. We hope you enjoy one of the top FTN episodes of the year while he gets next week’s show ready.

A little break from what we normally talk about to have a feel-good segment.  It’s a little bit of a hurrah of a segment, but hey… I think we needed it.  Take a deep breath, have fun, and we hope the first half of the show brings a little brightness to the day.

Some folks let us know that they felt like they had to enjoy this giant hobby the same way they felt others were doing so.  We come right out of the gate and say that isn’t true. We all know that, but sometimes you lose sight of it. It’s your time. Your fun. Any investment you make in this hobby is completely up to you.

When we’re looking at social media is so easy to get caught up and think we have to like something or be enjoying something the same way that other people do. You don’t. We talk for a bit about that concept and hope it lands well with you folks who listen.  Obviously, it doesn’t apply to everyone but maybe knowing what other people could be going through is helpful.  Perspective and all that.

In the back half of the show, we talk about what people are building around for their Tau, GSC, and Custodes. Custodes are really making an impact on the meta, and that’s cool!  They are a great entry point for people who are fans of the lore, and the army travels EXTREMELY well, which is cool for those of us who like to make it to tournaments around the country.

GSG is going to take some time to find that perfect build, but Tau seem to have a lot going on. It’s difficult to make a bad build.  These Xenos will have folks scratching their head for weeks to come.


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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but you will see that in the first few episodes, we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record, and I hope they help pass the time for you. Please please please check out the new Forge The Narrative objective markers. These things look awesome. Ordering a set is a good way to support one of our sponsors AND the show. Find them here.

Paul Murphy
Author: Paul Murphy
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