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A New Dragon Age Dreadwolf Trailer Sets The Stage For DA4

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Dec 4 2022

Today is Dragon Age Day, and with it, a new trailer that sets the stage for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Get ready to punch Solas.

It’s Dragon Age Day, which means it’s time once more to celebrate everything we love about Thedas.

Which is mostly Varric. And maybe the Iron Bull. Everything else is a distant second, depending on your pkaystyle. But whether your chosen dark fantasy paramour is Sera, Dorian Pavus, Leliana, or one of the dozens of other romantics who needs your help, or is Morrigan who needs nothing, there’s no question that Dragon Age has left its mark on fans across the world.

I’m told you can do more than kiss everyone except Varric in the game, too. Something about Mages and Templars. Or was it Qunari and Tevinter. It all seemed like window dressing for romance. But apparently there’s a plot to the game, and a new trailer released for the upcoming 4th title in the series, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, sets the stage this Dragon Age Day.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Trailer

Now we’re talking. This is some classic, beginning of Dragon Age 2 kind of stuff. Varric narrating the story of what happened next. Though there’s no cryptic interrogation between Cassandra Pentaghast and Leliana Notjianofarc as they try to wrest secrets from Varric’s lying lips. But the vibe is unquestionably Dragon Age.

And it picks up exactly where the last game + expansion left off, with Solas aka Fen’harel aka the one who created the Veil poised to tear down the barrier between this world and the WarpFade. Doing so world unleash a host of daemonsspirits upon the rest of the world, to disastrous results, presumably. Unless the heroes of the game can stop Solas. Or presumably, find a way to join the two worlds and heal the ancient breach.


Happyb Dragon Age Day!

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