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Age of Sigmar: Wishing on the Moon – Gloomspite Gitz Battletome Predictions

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Jan 25 2023

Creedence Clearwater Revival tried to warn us about the Gloomspite Gitz back in the 60s. Good thing we didn’t listen.

The crazed goblin hordes are descending on the Realms next weekend, much to the glee of their fans. The moon-mad critters have always been a bit of a novelty army, skewing more towards the comedic than the powerful. However, it is a foolish warrior that discounts the Gloomspite based on their size or demeanor. They are just as deadly as their larger greenskin kin. Their new Battletome is sure to provide a ton of new and exciting options for the army, ensuring their chaotic whims are at least partially satisfied. While we don’t know precisely what changes we’ll see, there are a few things we can at least hope for.

Improved Spiderfangs

While the spider-riding forest goblins have never beenĀ bad, they certainly aren’t the best units in the book. Sure, they have massive spiders that can drop onto the battlefield, but they don’t have enough power to justify losing out on the hordes of the other Gitz clans or the punch of the Troggoths. That being said…they are and have always been my favorite units in the book, so I’m hoping the new tome will see a few improvements. A new Spiderfang general model would be lovely, but I’m not holding my breath. I’d accept an improvement to their venom abilities or something that gives them a bit more staying power.


While the Gitz have a variety of unit types, they lack any real subfactions within their armies. The subfactions give you a fun way to customize your army and play on theme. I think the various Gitmobz would benefit from a few extra rules or abilities. Connecting back to the first point, I’d love to see subfactions that focus on Spiders, Squigs, Troggoths, and Moonclan, respectively.

New Troggoth Hero

Not to disparage the noble Troggboss, but I think the trolls deserve a new big guy to lead them. Maybe a boss representing the River Troggoths or just a few extra upgrades to the existing boss to clarify his origins. Whatever it ends up being, I hope the big bruisers get a few more bits to play with.


What are you hoping for in the new book?

Author: Clint Lienau
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