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‘Elden Ring’ & ‘Pokemon Scarlet’ Together at Last in New Mod Trailer

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Jan 3 2023

At last, in the Lands Between, you can be the very best, like no one ever was thanks to an upcoming new Elden Ring Pokemon Mod.

Elden Ring and Pokemon are two games with a lot more in common than you’d think. For instance, both feature epic open worlds, deceptively tricky battles with people who will fight you just for making eye contact. And a whole lot of numbers that are utterly meaningless until you’re in PvP.

Which is perhaps why Elden Ring modder Arestame_Arkeid will bring Pokemon Scarlet’s world of Paldea to Elden Ring. At least that’s the impression we got from a new trailer. Check it out.

Elden Ring x Pokemon Mod – Understand The Power That’s Inside

This trailer showcases some incredible work from Arestame_Arkeid, who previously has worked on an Elden Ring x One Piece mod, as well as an “invasion” of Bill Clinton into the Lands Between.

In the new trailer we get a glimpse of the Lands Between with a sudden influx of guests from around Paldea. The spectral steed Torrent is replaced with a Koraidon whose legs are just a little longer than attached wheels. But that’s fine, better for jumping. Which you should try.


We also see a number of pokemon swapped in for enemies. Everything from the humble but mighty Soldier of Godrick to bosses like the Magma Wyrm get a Pokemon reimagining here.

And all throughout the trailer, the Tarnished and Melina are dressed up like trainers out on their very first Pokemon journey. All of this adds up to a fun new look for 2022’s Game of the Year. No word yet on when or where this mod will be available, so be sure and check Nexus Mods or your favorite mod repository.

Now to figure out what Pokemon would be riding in an Armored Core


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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