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Horus Heresy: Exemplary Battles Final Mission For This Season

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Jan 17 2023

The Iron Hands and the Blood Angels face off in a tragic battle in the final Exemplary Battles mission for the season.

There’s a new, free Exemplary Battles download today from Games Workshop for Horus Heresy fans. This one pits two loyalist against each other in a tragic misunderstanding that leads to bloodshed. But hey, at least there are some new units to play with…

via Warhammer Community

” Tragically, not every conflict in the Horus Heresy was between Loyalists and Traitors, and the Battle of Canopus is an unfortunate case in point. Neither side was willing to give an inch – with grave consequences. Both sides earn a new unit – for the Blood Angels it’s the gilded Ofanim Court, while the Iron Hands earn the obdurate Morlock Terminators.”

You can download the scenario here.

The two units featured are like the other unique ones from previous Exemplary Battles. This time it’s for the Blood Angels and Iron Hands.

Blood Angels Ofanim Court


Along with the new unit comes some new unique wargear and rules as well.

These Blood Angels pack a punch and carry some fancy armor and weapons. They are going to be quite the match for the Iron Hands.

Iron Hands Morlock Terminators



Not to be outdone by the Blood Angels, the Iron Hands unique unit has some tricks of their own to play with. Not to mention the benefits of being in Terminator Armour.

If you want to read up on this scenario and give it a go just download the rules and pack and go to town.

Exemplary Battles Series Season One Over?

Games Workshop also had some more news about the Exemplary Battles as this mission concludes the first wave of the series.

“With the Battle of Canopus, we conclude the first wave of the Exemplary Battles series, having covered every one of the Legions – and a massive sweep of alternative future history! In a few months we’ll be starting a second wave of articles, so fans of this format can rest assured more content is on the way.”


The next season also has a new focus as well:

“In terms of theme, we’re moving away from the Legiones Astartes for the second wave, and looking instead at their mortal and daemonic allies. We’ll be presenting history, scenarios, and rules for a range of allied units from Daemons of the Ruinstorm to Cultists of the Primordial Annihilator, making use of existing miniatures and encouraging the ever-inventive Horus Heresy community. “

That’s going to be an interesting shift for sure. We’ll have to see how the rules team and scenario writers spin this one off.


Blood Angels vs Iron Hands — place your bets!

Author: Adam Harrison
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