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MTG: Phyrexia – All Will Be One Blue Spoilers

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Jan 24 2023

From a giant Jin-Gitaxias, to a compleated Jace Belleren, living Guildpact, there’s a lot of control in these All Will Be One Blue Spoilers.

Blue is the color of counterspells. And there are counters a plenty in the upcoming Phyrexia: All Will Be One. But there’s a lot more than just preventing your opponent from playing a card at work in this batch of All Will Be One Blue Spoilers.

From cards that mill to cards that kill (your opponent’s hope of getting to actually play a turn of Magic the Gathering), Blue has a lot of power in the upcoming set. Here’s a look at what we’ve seen so far.

Phyrexia: All Will Be One – Blue Spoilers


Let’s start with one of the biggest spoilers for the upcoming set. Jace gets compleated, which turns him into a Phyrexian agent. It’s a powerful move for Magic’s golden boy, who always seems to have a backup plan. Not necessarily this time, though. It remains to be seen what will ultimately shake out.

But the compleated Jace is pretty powerful. In addition to being filled with mechadendrite-like technomagical tendrils, Jace can nerf enemy creatures, mill your opponent while letting you draw, and then eventually mill them out of the game. Which is always good fun.

Along with this, you get some classic control. Blue Sun’s Twilight is all about Jin-Gitaxias and his mechanical mastery. You can take control of a creature in some way or another.

Meanwhile Experimental Augury and Mercurial Spelldancer help to highlight Blue’s slipperiness.


But we all know that the big brained Blue plays involve keeping your enemy from playing. Minor Misstep is a prime example, negating a spell that costs very little. Although more prevalent, are the other kind of counter mechanics. Namely Proliferate, which helps keep counters flowing by adding more counters to each card available.

This sets up cards like Tamiyo’s Immobilizer get extra value by increasing the amount of counters they have to use.

Or Watchful Blisterzoa can become a stockpile of oil counters which turn into cards once it finally dies.

All this and more in Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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