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Warhammer 40K: Arks of Omen Card XII – Daemon (Inversed)

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Jan 20 2023

We’ve got a new Arks of Omen teaser out today and it’s a little strange on account of the daemons.

I think the Arks of Omens is going to involve Chaos and daemons!? Oh yeah. We already knew that…not much of a teaser here. Except…well, take a look for yourself.


Well now…who would have guessed that not all of chaos is on board with the Arks of Omen plan. So let’s talk about that text.

Malevolus Invertus

XII – Daemons (Inversed)

Daemon inversed

And yet chaos is fickle

Forever turning upon itself


I just want to start off by saying I’m not an expert tarot card reader or anything and know very little about how the card work. But, if the card is actually inversed, wouldn’t it look more like this:

The text would be on the top, upside down. But that’s kind of the point, right? These two daemons who are stabbing each other are the same no matter which side they are on (top or bottom). It’s actually a neat visual:

But then we go back and read the prophecy and it really clicks. This really seems like one of those “duh” prophecies or fortune tellings. “The only constant about chaos is that it’s constantly chaotic.” Gee, thanks. We already knew that…


So, aside from the obvious, what could this one mean? Well, we know that Abaddon is working with Vashtorr as a part of their big plot. We also know that Angron is on the way, too. But if “chaos is fickle” and “forever turning upon itself” we can also surmise that someone is getting betrayed here.


This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that chaos can’t really be trusted — that counts double for making deals within their own faction. That’s the real reason that chaos will never win the overall plot. Sure, there’s the heroes to deal with and their actions. But at the end of the day some chaos goon is going to think “oh, I can sabotage the plan and “I’LL be the boss…“so they do and, wouldn’t you know it, the ploy fails.

Then again, the End Times really did end things…sort of.


If you want to poke around for more info you can always pop over to the GW website for Arks of Omen for the rest of the teasers.


What do you make of the Daemon (Inversed) card teaser?

Author: Adam Harrison
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