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Warhammer 40K: New Angron Lore & World Eater Tactics

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Jan 23 2023
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The World Eaters are uniting under Agron’s wings and the Daemon Prince Primarch can’t be banished forever.

Games Workshop has dropped some new lore on Angron and the World Eaters. There’s a few juicy tidbits to chew on and we’re going to go over the ones that stuck out the most to us. So let’s strap in and attack the lore like a World Eater would strike a target with a chain-axe!

The Rebirth of Angron

via Warhammer Community

“Should Angron somehow be cast back into the warp, he re-emerges unscathed precisely eight weeks, eight days, and eight hours later, heralded by eight Crimson Omens that strike fear into the hearts of all who witness them. You’d better believe he’ll be eight times as mad, too.”

This a pretty big change to Angron’s lore. Previously, he had been banished by the Grey Knights back into the warp after the First War for Armageddon. That particular banishment lasted for 100 years and a day. However, it seems that thanks to the Great Rift, Angron’s ability to return to realspace after a banishment has been significantly reduced. Prepare to see lots of him on the tabletop, too!

The Weapons of Angron


We already got to see their profiles, but now we know a bit about each of his weapon’s origins.


Spinegrinder, aka Persiax’s Folly, was crafted by a traitor Forge World. They spent decades to construct this massive weapon for Angron in a twisted sense of supplication. However, he would turn around and use the weapon on them making Persiax the weapon’s first victim!

Samni’arius has a equally brutal origin. It’s a daemon blade that houses the essence of a powerful Slaaneshi Daemon. How did it end up in Angron’s weapon? Well, it offended the Primarch so much that he administered “he beating of a lifetime using nothing more than an unworked iron bar – forging the blade in the process.” Maybe don’t talk trash to Angron…

The World Eaters Heed The Call

In another twist and change for the World Eaters — they are being drawn to Angron’s call. World Eater warbands are well known to act independently, fiercely in fact. That’s mostly due to the falling out the Legion had at the Battle of Skalathrax. You might recognize the name if you’re familiar with Khârn the Betrayer — it’s how he got the epithet in the first place.

However, there’s something about Angron’s call they can’t ignore. Perhaps it’s a twisted sense of duty. Maybe it’s the genetic memories of their past. It could even be some sort of twisted family issue they all share. Regardless of the cause,Angron is drawing his children in to war; daddy’s home.


World Eaters Are Learning New Tactics?

This final lore drop is probably the most disturbing so we’re just going to take it directly from GW:

We’re using a screen shot so we can always come back to this paragraph. Turns out that not all World Eaters warbands are mindless melee berzerkers. The “Bloodstalkers” prefer to keep a distance and take skulls from range. The 66th Armoured Company stick with the vehicles and bulldoze the enemy from the safety of their hulls! This is… disturbing. Imagine if the World Eaters learned to balance their melee prowess with some combined arms. It’s almost like GW is trying to tell us that softening up targets from range is a good idea BEFORE you unleash the melee units. Who would have guessed!?


We’ll have to see how the Codex plays out for the World Eaters. And it’s coming very soon…


Author: Adam Harrison
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