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MTG: A Hero Rises – Awesome Commanders from ONE

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Feb 12 2023

If there can only be one, why are there so many fantastic options on New Phyrexia?

The plane of New Phyrexia is packed with powerful heroes, deadly villains, and a few mighty champions that don’t fall into either category. Elesh Norn and her Grand Orthodoxy seem to have blunted the Strike Force’s attack, but that’s not the only faction opposing her. Jor Kadeen and his rebels are executing a guerilla war against her dominion; they may even be the small weight that tips the scale. For the players, there’s a wealth of candidates for our commander decks. Whether you want to poison your foes, overwhelm them with warriors, or slowly kill off their creatures, there’s a commander out there that can fit the bill.

Skrelv, Defector Mite


While he doesn’t look like much on paper, Skrelv has become one of the most popular cards from the new set, and for good reason. He’s a 1/1 that can’t block that also doles out Poison counters, but you aren’t bringing him for that. His ability to give another creature both color immunity and toxic for a turn means by turn 2, you could have an unstoppable source of poison counters. The best part is his ability costs Phyrexian mana, meaning you can activate it even when tapped out for the small price of two life; a pittance in White. This provides both an evasive wincon and a way to dodge targetted removal. His low cost does make him, and by extension, you, an early target for archenemy, though, so be prepared for an uphill battle.

Ezuri, Stalker of Spheres


A returning character from ages past, Ezuri has returned in all his Phyrexian glory. As a 3/3 for four, he might be a little over cost, but his abilities are more than worth it. First, whenever he hits the battlefield, for a little extra mana you can proliferate twice. That means you can power up your Planeswalkers, buff your creatures, or ensure the toxic death of your opponents. Even better, whenever you proliferate, Ezuri lets you draw a card. That means two as soon as he hits the field, then another any time you crank that wheel. For maximum damage, consider filling your deck with a few clones or a Helm of the Host card, allowing you to double up not just on counters, but on the draw effects as well.

Chiss-Goria, Forge Tyrant



It wouldn’t be Elder Dragon Highlander without a big angry dragon, and Chiss-Goria is happy to fill the role. At nine mana initially, he’s a bit of an ask; however, with so many zero-cost artifacts in EDH, his affinity makes it negligible. He’s a powerful 5/4 with flying and haste, meaning he’s a threat from the minute he hits the table. His attack trigger is even nastier though; when he attacks, you exile five cards off the top of your library, then you can cast an artifact from among them AND give it affinity. Not only does this provide card advantage, but it could put a deadly artifact on the field practically for free. You’ll never forget the first time you cast a Blightsteel Colossus off this for free, I promise.

What Commanders stood out to you from the new set?

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Author: Clint Lienau
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