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The Future of the DC Universe is Here – In This Merch

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Feb 3 2023

This week has been big for the future of DC – while you wait for it to arrive, pick up this existing DC Universe merch.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia – New Edition (2021)

The new edition is the most comprehensive guide to DC’s superheroes and supervillains. It includes all the latest developments in the DC Multiverse, plus profiles of more than 1,200 characters. A hardcover copy is $21 and is a must for all DC fans, especially with all of the new DCU projects.

Superman Insulated Cup

Stay hydrated while showing your support for Superman wherever you go. This 20oz double-walled, insulated steel cup is $33. It can hold hot and cold liquids – sorry, it’s not shielded to hold Kryptonite. But it can handle Perry White’s coffee.

S.T.A.R. Labs Hoodie

Stay warm with this logo hoodie inspired by The Flash TV series. Rep the independent chain of research laboratories that has helped Superman and the heroes of DC multiple times. This pullover hoodie is $50 and comes in S to 2XL.

King Shark Funko POP!

Just look at that smile! He won’t eat you… probably? Get the doofiest swim trunks-wearing, man-eating character in Suicide Squad for just $14.

DC Tarot & Guidebook

Look inward and grab hold of your life with this themed deck that features original artwork and comes in a collector’s box. The included guidebook explains each Major and Minor Arcana card’s meaning plus easy-to-follow instructions for readings. It’s worth the $25 just for the fantastic art – the Major Arcana would look awesome framed.

Absolute DC: The New Frontier 15th Anniversary Edition

The Absolute Edition of Eisner Award-winning artist-writer Darwyn Cooke’s classic retelling of the Silver Age of comics. It collects the original six-issue miniseries, Justice League: The New Frontier Special, and a New Frontier story from Solo #5. It also features over 50 pages of designs, sketches, and preliminary artwork. A must for any Justice League fan. The hardback with slipcover is $54.

Batman 80th Anniversary Collection

This massive collection includes eighteen animated movies – some of the best to come out of the DC Animated Universe with some brilliant voice acting. You can snag it for $70.

The Flash Socks

Hear me out – socks are actually really amazing and doubly so for fans of a character that can run at superhuman speed. Wear them around the house or add a geeky touch to your workwear for $16 for three pairs. Barry would approve.

Lantern Corps Power Rings

Harness your inner strength and imagination with this collection of nine spectrum power rings. Each is forged from durable base metal and finished with a beautiful colored enamel inlay. They’re slightly adjustable, so they’ll fit sizes 9-12 – if you’re not in that range, they’ll make a great display piece. The set is $76.


Wonder Woman: Chronicles of the Amazon Princess

Explore the history of DC’s leading lady with this set of four books. Each book is hardcover, 48 pages, and fully illustrated with full-color artwork. They come packaged in a slipcase box for just $20.

  • Amazing Amazon: The Legend of Wonder Woman 
  • Gods and Mortals: The Enemies of Wonder Woman 
  • Powerful Princess: Amazonian Powers and Tools 
  • Paradise Island: Home of the Amazons

Just so you know BoLS may collect a share of sales from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. We’ve decided that the entire staff needs Batman theme car horns. Please help us make this a reality.

Author: Mars Garrett
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