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Warhammer 40K: Worlds Eaters Miniature Spotlight

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Feb 4 2023

The World Eaters are in the house! We got our hands on the new miniatures and they did not disappoint!

Angron and his boys are about to make a big splash on the scene with the first World Eaters Codex and a new wave of miniatures. Goatboy was able to get this batch built and will probably be showing off them painted (eventually). I’m a little jealous he got to take a crack at these minis first as I was really wanting to tackle Angron. But he’s way more into this army than even me!

World Eaters Miniature Spotlight


Let’s just start with the big daddy of the World Eaters: Angron. This new Daemon Prince Primarch of Khorne is BIG. It’s a highly detailed model and even has a bunch of hidden details. For example, if you wanted to build him without the chest plate, you can — it’s all sculpted and detailed. Just watch the tail assembly…

He’s a welcomed addition to the pantheon of Daemon Primarchs for Chaos. He’s going to be the centerpiece model for any World Eaters army and rightly so! Just a cool mini and an amazing addition to any collection. By the way, I’m 100% biased on this one. I want one…like yesterday!

The Lord Invocatus/Lord on Juggernaut is another great kit to the range. I was personally kind of hoping we’d see a full unit of Khorne Berzerkers on Juggies, but that’s okay. For now, we’ve got this guy holding the line.


It’s another great looking kit. This one has a few different options as it can be built as two different unit options. There’s also 3 different heads to choose from and various weapons, too.

He’s also kind of a nice back-up beat-stick for the army. I’m sure we’re going to see lots of him on the tabletop.

I could literally gush all day about these new Khorne Berzerkers. We’ve need a new kit for a LONG time. And while folks (myself included) were just using Khorne heads from other kits and mixing them with Chaos Marines this new kit is just a welcome addition.


You know the drill by now — loads of options, lot of heads, awesome poses and deadly weapons. I want it. I’m moving on because I don’t want to think about how jealous I am of Goatboy’s new minis right now…

I was feeling a little conflicted about the Eightbound kit but now that I’ve seen it in person, I can dig it. These and their Exalted Eightbound version are exactly what you think. They are what would happen if you mixed a Khorne Berzerker with some daemon infused monstrous vibes.

I do appreciate that this kit allows for either unit to be built from it. However you want to load them out they are going to be quite deadly. My only regret is that there’s only 3 per box…

And finally we have the Jakhals. These Khorne cultists are a necessary chaff unit in the book and are honestly a little bit of a pain to build. Not the worst kit but not super easy. Partly because there’s just so many chainswords flying around with this kit.

These are the points filler/sacrificial lambs in your World Eaters list. You’re going to want to have a unit or two for Blood Tithe Points or to hold objectives…or to screen your other units. They might not be my favorite kit but you’re probably going to be seeing lots of them on the tabletop, too.



Do you have a favorite model/unit from this batch? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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