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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Baldur’s Gate

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Mar 11 2023

In the shadow of Amn, you’ll find the largest metropolis on the Sword Coast. Home to gods and heroes, welcome to Baldur’s Gate.

Baldur’s Gate is one of the largest cities in Faerun. It’s the New York City to Waterdeep’s Toronto. Instead of a big, friendly city Baldur’s Gate has an aura of Law & Order held almost to a breaking point. It’s been the site of gods warring, chosen ones ascending, and more.  Let’s take a look at the grand city of Baldur’s Gate.

Situated in the greater Western Heartlands along the Sword Coast, is a prosperous merchant city: Baldur’s Gate. It is influential. It is tightly patrolled. And it seethes with roiling possibility for heroes willing to brave it.

Baldur’s Gate can be found south of Waterdeep, along the well-traveled Coast Way road. It’s nestled on a stretch of poor soil, but that matters very little. The natural bay of the north bank of the river Chionthar helps give it lifeblood. Baldur’s Gate has a distinct crescent moon shape that wraps around its great harbor.

But that’s just the shape of the city. What is its texture?

The People of Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is a city of heroes and gods and monsters. It is a wealthy city that has prospered over the years. And nobles and commoners alike come to the city hoping to taste the fruits of prosperity. Especially with a mercenary company like the Flaming Fists to protect its inhabitants.

Of course, the city is home to other individuals as well. Less-scrupulous types like pirates, smugglers, and landlords could be found in Baldur’s Gate. It is said that everyone has a scheme in the Gate. The archer, Coran, once compared the city to a viper’s nest. And the comparison is not unfair. Through the years, Baldur’s Gate has been home to some fairly significant events that shaped the fate of Faerun.


And through it all, the Baldurians carried on with their own affairs. Even when gods warred in the streets, Baldur’s Gate was still turning away. This is a fact that Baldurians take pride in. Baldur’s Gate is a place for anyone, rich, poor, humanoid or not.

Baldur’s Gate Through The Ages

It wasn’t always this way. Baldur’s Gate was originally founded as a well-hidden meeting place for pirates and scavengers. These brigands would use lights to trick ships into running aground along the foggy coast and would loot their victims before disappearing up into the Gray Harbor.

Until a man called Balduran arrived. Balduran was a legendary seafaring hero who traveled the world. He came from beyond the elven isle of Evermeet bearing vast wealth. Seeking the shelter of the Gray Harbor, Balduran hid the vast majority of his wealth before setting off on another voyage, never to return.

Which is how a bunch of local farmers managed to take over in Balduran’s stead. They co-opted construction of a wall, and used the wealth of Balduran to expand the city. Through the years it saw spurts of expansion, taxation, rebellions against taxation, and so on. But in the 14th Century, Baldur’s Gate stands out in for the war of the Bhaalspawn.

Bhaal-Dur’s Gate

Bhaal was a god of murder. He was also a god who planned for his eventual defeat. And in the wake of Bhaal’s murder at the hands of a mortal named Cyric, his divinity was scattered. But Bhaal prepared for his death and had sired many children with the goal that one of his offspring would eventually rise to power and slay the others, paving the way for his return.


In 1368 DR, Sarevok Anchev came onto the scene. He attempted to start a war between Baldur’s Gate ad Amn. It sort of worked–in that war was declared on the Bhaalspawn. Fortunately one hero stepped up and was able to defeat Sarevok (and later a wizard named Jon Irenicus who also threatened the town.)

Baldur’s Gate has been through a lot over the years. Including a recent attack by mind flayers. But still, it endures. And the people of Baldur’s Gate know that you can always find a deal in Baldur’s Gate.

Happy Adventuring

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