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D&D: Five Devils in a Bind, Way Behind, Lookin’ to Make a Deal

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Mar 16 2023

You may not end up with a shiny fiddle made of gold, but honestly, what’s the worst that could happen when you make a deal with a D&D devil?

We all know that “having a soul” is good–but what has it done for your D&D characters? Yeah, sure, it means they can be brought back to life, but are you really going to play it safe with your D&D characters when you could instead be playing ’em like you stole ’em? Why not make a deal with a devil in exchange for great power? The deals offered here reflect an insidious path – not all are “give me your soul and you get stuff” but more like “do something you were gonna do anyway and get a little extra” as they slide down the path of temptation.

And hey, if you never die, then they never get your soul if you bargain right.

The Imp

Malgrix is an industrious imp, as far as imps go. Summoned into the prime material plane as part of a dark pact with cultists, Malgrix used their influence to help elevate the cult in terms of wealth and power. Eventually, the cultists were destroyed by a band of adventurers, but Malgrix’s expensive tastes remained. Now Malgrix lurks near a dungeon your players are about to explore and approaches them, invisibly, claiming to know a great deal about what lies inside.

Malgrix remains invisible and offers to serve the adventurers, either by scouting ahead or telling them where they can find valuable treasure. All the players have to do is promise to leave some of their newfound wealth by the old tree outside of the dungeon in exchange. Players that agree might find themselves visited later by Malgrix with similar offers, as the Imp grows its powerbase on the Material Plane, living like a king.

The Ice Devil

Penthrazz is an ice devil that was once a great general of hell, leading armies in Malbolge, but has since been deposed and exiled. Now Penthrazz works as a mercenary, offering its services in exchange for rare gifts and “favors” that it hopes will one day help it reclaim its power. Penthrazz offers to help the players defeat a powerful enemy, lending the services of a CR 14 creature that’s immune to many damages in exchange for the players’ help dealing with an enemy of its.

Penthrazz directs them to find and kill another devil that’s active in the world–an action that seems ostensibly objectively good. This is one of the devils that serve in the ranks of Penthrazz’s rival’s armies. And if the players succeed, Penthrazz will continually offer them targets, moving from devil to devil until they carve a path for its ascension.


The Chain Devil

Krilthrighor is a Kyton, one of the chain devils. Krilthrighor is a steward of lost and departed souls. And they’re looking to collect those who are bound for the nine hells and ensure they get there. They approach players, offering them a powerful magic item. But it comes with the promise that they use it to defeat one of their foes.

Doing so gives them an edge in combat, offering them powerful effects like extra fire damage, or necrotic damage, or the like–but if their foe is slain, the fallen foe’s soul is instantly claimed by the nine hells. Players can watch as fiery spirits raise up and take the soul, screaming, into the lower planes. The same happens to any noteworthy creature that is slain in combat with the Kyton’s weapon.

The Bone Devil

Rtaatk is a bone devil and a secret power behind the throne. At least that’s Rtaatk’s ambition in the Prime Material plane. It has chosen a local ruler, like a duke or a minor lord, and currently seeks to uplift them. Rtaatk sees the players as the means to an end and seeks them out. It’s hoping to use them to stir up trouble in the kingdom so that Rtaatk’s pawn may advance.


Rtaatk prefers to remain unseen, lurking in shadows and speaking telepathically to players. It offers them key information about the movement of enemy troops. But if the players start turning on Rtaatk’s pawn, it will attack them personally.

The Erinyes

Laerath is an Erinyes, one of the most heavily armed devils in existence. He hunts oathbreakers, but only those that have broken oaths with archdevils and/or Asmodeus. Laerath sees much potential in the players and approaches them in her full fallen angelic glory. Then he offers them a warning of an upcoming danger.

Laerath watches to see how they go, then asks the players to join her on a hunt. A powerful Warlock has betrayed his patron and is looking to steal others away from the Nine Hells. This Warlock is also a menace to the mortal realms. So the players might join with Laerath, fighting temporarily on the side of the Nine Hells to try and serve a greater good.

Happy adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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