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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: ‘A Pair of Points’

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Mar 14 2023

Looks like someone is about to stick’em with the pointy end. Both of them. At least that’s what the latest Rumor Engine is teasing.

The Rumor Engine is back once again (because it’s Tuesday and that’s just how it works) and today we’ve got an interesting looking pair of sharp objects to peruse. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

via Warhammer Community

“The Rumour Engine is a mysterious machine! It has been sent from the future! Sometimes, it will show us an image of a forthcoming Warhammer model – but that image will always be weirdly clipped! We can’t make out the whole model! It is very frustrating, but we make do! Anyway, the Engine is rattling and blowing out some smoke, which means it’s about to deliver us another strange picture of which we can’t make nor tail!”

A Pair of Points

So I feel like the meta-narrative is behaving a little weird this month. Maybe someone’s travelling or perhaps they got a back-up. Eh, good for them! In any case let’s talk about this new image. Now, GW teases us by dropping a few more hints and calling this a pair of spears. They also use the phrase “What a palava.” Which, I think, is UK slang for “What a problem/trouble/hassle.” Either that or it’s a tease for some sort of UK fashion line.

ANYHOW, back to the image. Where were we? Oh yeah, spears. Well lots of factions use spears but what about those runes. Those are really throwing me off here. If I’m being perfectly honest, my first reaction was “Ohh could those be runes from the Ossiarch Bone-reapers?”

Their weapons do have similar runes on them. But, again, lots of things have runes on them. I’m also not 100% sure about the “material” used for those points.


I keep going back to those runes though and they do look really similar but I can’t seem to find any exact matches. Unfortunately, at this point my brain has locked into this bias and I can’t unsee the connection. That’s where you come in. I need you help — if you’ve got any other suggestions on what or who could be wielding those spears please drop them in the comments. Let us know why you think that’s what it could be. I’m counting on you.


Happy Pi Day!


Author: Adam Harrison
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