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Hit RPG ‘Monster of the Week: Codex of Worlds’ in Last Days of Crowdfunding

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Mar 13 2023

Monster of the Week’s incredible crowdfunding campaign for a brand new expansion, Codex of Worlds, enters its final days. Don’t miss out!

Monster of the Week is one of the most popular RPGs that use the Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset. As its name suggests, Monster of the Week brings you adventures straight out of one of those, well, monster of the week shows. Whatever your preferred flavor, X-Files. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Psi Factor. Supernatural. Or weirder tastes yet, you’ll find it here. From action-packed shows, to slow-burn supernatural investigations, MotW does its all.

The game skyrocketed in popularity after being featured on The Adventure Zone, where the McElroy family took on the role of people in a small ski town that quickly discovered the world was bigger than they expected.

And now, Monster of the Week will have a massive expansion in the form of the Codex of Worlds. Their crowdfunding campaign on Backerkit has, at press time, raised more than $175,000. And now that it’s in its final days, this could be your last chance to snag one of the cool backer reward bundles.

In Codex of Worlds you’ll find more than 15 new team archetypes called playbooks, as well as new monster hunter character archetypes thanks to the stretch goals hit along the way. As well as several new setting frameworks. All in all, this is a 400+ page expansion that adds a ton to the game. And soon, the campaign will be over. It’s in its final 48 hours, so be sure and check it out!


Monster of the Week: Codex of Worlds

Open the Codex of Worlds. Get ready for new monsters, and new realms! The Codex includes new content to bring different styles and settings to your Monster of the Week games. It’s written by Michael Sands and Marek Golonka, and being developed in partnership with Evil Hat Productions.

In this expansion, you’ll find new material for both players and Keepers. The party gets new allies, moves, and nemeses thanks to Team playbooks. You can put together archetypal teams like the Interdimensional Crisis Team, or you could play a Touring Band or the Last Survivors in some kind of monster-based apocalyptic disaster. Here’s a look at some of the teams:

And if you want to leave the modern world behind, you’ll get the tools to do exactly that with five new setting frameworks:

  • This Strange Old House has your hunters inherit a mansion packed with occult secrets, and focuses the series on discovering them all.
  • Gothic Century takes your game back to the horrors of the nineteenth century, dealing with the supernatural effects of imperialism, industrialization, and conflict between modernity and tradition.
  • In Dreaming with the Gods, your hunters find themselves in not-quite-Europe during a surreal, mystical alternate Renaissance.
  • In the Monster Marches, explore a medieval fantasy world, where a colonial empire has riled up the spirits of the land. Here, monster hunters are outcasts—necessary but untrusted even by those they save.
  • Bone Spear takes you into the Stone Age. The hunters protect the community from monsters. However, monsters often need healing, recompense, or mediation instead of simple killing.

Or use the new rules to build your own setting. And when you pledge, you get immediate access to the prototype PDF so you can start playing immediately. Curious as to what it’s like? Check out the sample rules for free on DriveThruRPG.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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