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Kickstarter Highlights: Lizardfolk and Fantasy STLs, RPG Adventures, and More

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Mar 15 2023

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, card games, RPGs, and STLs!

3D Printable Lizardfolk Miniatures

This week’s header image is from this campaign.

Welcome to this project, you will find fantastic lizardfolk miniatures for only 1 USD or completely free by buying a bundle from [Brayan Nafarrate‘s] previous campaigns! The scale is 32mm and includes pre-supported versions.”

Bundles include skeletons, Vikings, dwarfs, dragons, terrain, and more.

Sato Heavy Industries Steel Mill – STL

“I haven’t really done any industrial related designs before, hence this time we have The Sato Heavy Industries – Steel Mill. The mill should offer more than enough space to move around both high and low ground plus cluttered enough for your troops to take cover.

Most pieces have flat side and so are optimized for printing on FDM printers with little to no support. Some pieces will need to be glued together like the stairs and the column support below them and the crane.

Aelx’s Bombastic Oddities – RPG

“This is a TTRPG GM sourcebook for the new, the confused, and the ones no one takes time to think about. Contained in this book is a collection of useful and inspiring creations designed to do one thing: spark something. That’s the real purpose of this book, not to tell you what to create but to lead you to create it all on your own. The book includes:

  • A system agnostic pantheon someone could pick up in a day but also has many layers and folds that one might find a spark in
  • Thoughtfully crafted homebrew races born of the god’s love that give multiple ways of play
  • 10 NPC examples of how to go from a classic trope to a multifaceted person (One of which could be YOU) as well as tables of character pillars for your creative needs
  • Over 300+ oddities filling 6 d100 or d20 charts

An Age Contrived

Develop a flourishing mortal civilization and secure your place as ruler of the pantheon. You are a god in the Eldranic pantheon, but you are only as powerful as the mortals believe vou are. Unite the mortal realm, develop civilization, and you can lead the pantheon into a new age.

An expansion to the game that brings new challenges to players is available as an add-on.

The Revenant Society – RPG

“In The Revenant Society: The Endless Loop Beneath the City from Van Ryder Games, you take on the role of a Revenant, an undead being, in either 1910s Paris or 1920s New York. You must solve the mystery of your own demise before the next time loop starts, or be doomed to repeat it. The afterlife is only the beginning…


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Author: Mars Garrett
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