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‘The Last of Us’ Review – One of Us

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Mar 18 2023

Should you binge this video gam adaptation’s first season? Check out the One of Us crew’s The Last of Us review to find out.

Neil Druckmann takes his blockbuster video game from the small screen to…the other part of the small screen. Pedro Pascal stars as Joel and Bella Ramsey stars as Ellie in a world ravaged by mutated cordyceps that turns anyone infected into a mindless zombie. The continental United States is a wasteland populated by the autocratic government agency FEDRA, the Fireflies–a group fighting FEDRA for better or worse, cannibals, escaped zoo animals, and people just trying to survive.

The Last of Us Review

Is this video game adaptation worth sticking with through to the end or would it be better to log off early? Listen to Matt, Wright, Kimberly, and Eliot to find out.



  • Wright Sulek
  • Matt Foster
  • Kimberly Brown
  • Eliot Nelson

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