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These New ‘Indiana Jones’ LEGO Sets Belong in a Museum!

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Mar 14 2023

Build iconic scenes from the classic adventure movies with these new Indiana Jones LEGO sets that are packed with brick-built action.

Indiana Jones LEGO Fighter Plane Chase (77012)

Recreate the famous chase scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with LEGO. The fighter plane has a spinning propeller, removable wings, room for a minifig, and two stud shooters. It wouldn’t be a chase without Indy behind the wheel of the Citro├źn Cabriolet. The car has moving wheels, room for two minifigs, and a trunk that opens. The set also includes three minifigs – Indy with his whip, Professor Henry Jones with a diary, and a pilot.

Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013)

Recapture the thrills of Raiders of the Lost Ark. This set comes complete with snakes to terrify Indy, a secret passage, a mummy, and a brick-built Ark of the Covenant. Recreate the action with Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, and Sallah minifigs.

Temple of the Golden Idol (77015)

Build the infamous temple run from Raiders of the Lost Ark with this action-filled set. Using built-in knobs, you can wing Indiana Jones across a cavern, lower a trapdoor, collapse a wall, and see Indy chased by a massive boulder. The idol lowers/rises, and the temple collapses around it. This set comes with Indiana Jones, Satipo, Belloq, and Hovitos Warrior minifgs. Once it’s built, it is an impressive display piece, complete with a description plaque.

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