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Warhammer 40K: Gellerpox Infected Boarding Action Rules Released

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Mar 11 2023

Games Workshop has released Boarding Action rules for the Gellerpox Infected.  Send in the cult of Nurgle!

The Gellerpox Infected Kill Team has some of the strangest and gnarliest Nurgle-blessed models out there. If you’ve got them then you know! What you might not know is that they now how their set of rules for use in Boarding Actions.

via Warhammer Community

“Warriors of the Death Guard Traitor Legion have been witnessed orchestrating the spread of the dreaded Gellerpox in the name of the Plague God Nurgle. And you can now field a Boarding Patrol including the Gellerpox Infected, as these foul warbands take the fight to the Arks of Omen.”

Download the Gellerpox Infected Boarding Action Rules Here

Assembling this grotesque squad is pretty straightforward. If you’ve got the models from the Kill Team you’re pretty much there already.


Enhancement wise you do have access to some other options thanks to papa Nurgle’s gifts.

And there’s also the new stratagems to play around with. I’d keep an eye out for Baleflame Torrent. It’s only going to come from the Nightmare Hulk with the belly-flamer but it’s got a nasty surprise associated with it.

This fire is so potent it can open hatches from range! And it can slap a unit on the other side of the hatch who thought they were in the clear. It’s janky and corner-case, but hey, when it works… it works!



If you’ve got the Kill Team box or have these models ready to go why not take the Gellerpox Infected out for a stroll in a Boarding Action?!


…And this is why we don’t mess with the Geller field controls!

Author: Adam Harrison
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