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Warhammer 40K: Grand Master Azrael’s New Rules

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Mar 7 2023

Games Workshop dropped the new rules for Grand Master Azrael. What does the son of the Lion look like after his Primaris upgrade?

The Grand Master of the Dark Angels, Azrael, has a new model and a new batch of rules. Games Workshop has released those rules so we can all take a look at how he performs on the tabletop!

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“Grand Master Azrael, a devout defender of the Imperium fresh from crossing the Rubicon Primaris.”

Download Azrael’s Rules Here

Clocking in at 170 points Azrael’s got a stat-line that you’d expect out of a Primaris Captain/Chapter Master. 7 Wound is pretty nice along with the 6 attacks. He’s also got a 2+ save base which is also going to be handy.

Wargear-wise he’s got his classic Lion’s Wrath combi-weapon. Note that the plasma-portion doesn’t have an “overheat” ability so have fun firing that one at will. He’s also rocking the Sword of Secrets and combined with his 6 attacks has the possibility of 18 damage — that’s before you count the bonus damage from the mortal wounds it can cause on 6s to wound. He’s also got Frag and Krak grenades because, ya know, grenades!


Azrael also has a bunch of other Abilities to check out. He’s got an Iron Halo, because of course he does. Plus he’s also got the Chapter Master (for obvious reasons) and Rites of Battle rules. He’s going to be tossing out re-rolls to hit for days. He’s also got a bit of anti-psychic help from his Watcher in the Dark. What’s cool is this model is now part of the base so no extra little guy to worry about.

He’s a Supreme Tactician and thus grants you 2 additional Command Points if he’s your warlord and your army is Battle-forged. And finally, the Lion Helm — which now can be modeled with him wearing it — grants friendly Dark Angels Infantry and Dark Angels Bikers within 6″ of this model a 4+ invulnerable vs ranged attacks.

Grand Master Azrael seems like he’s gotten quite the boost as becoming a Primaris can do that for Marines. He is 30 more points but for all the things he’s bringing to the tabletop he still seems like a bargain. If you’re playing Dark Angels he’s certainly worth a look at adding to your lists. I could definitely see him anchoring a gunline or even leading some Deathwatch Terminators right into the heart of the enemy. He’s going to have a chance to do just that very soon.


What do you think of the newly Primaris’d Grand Master Azrael?


Author: Adam Harrison
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