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Warhammer: The Old World – More ‘Tomb Kings’ & ‘Bretonnia’ Previews

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Mar 13 2023

Games Workshop has a new batch of weapons and armor from Warhammer: The Old World to show-off. Tomb Kings and Bretonnia return!

Warhammer: The Old World is making progress and the previews are proving it! Today, we see new arms and armor from the Old World from two very different factions. The Bretonnians are here along with the Tomb Kings and they are looking pretty good so far!

via Warhammer Community

In today’s article we’re visiting the armouries of the Old World and giving you a first look at some of the weapons and wargear that can be found in the brand new plastic kits coming for the Kingdom of Bretonnia and the Tomb Kings of Khemri. En garde!”

Bretonnia Previews

First up we have a look at the Bretonnian weapons and armor coming. Again, these are going to be in new plastic kit form. I’m looking forward to see what GW does with their full kits but we’re going to have to settle for these previews for now.

When it comes to the classic Knight-look you don’t get more Old World Knightly than the Bretonnians. Their helms are both old school and thematic as each one brings a bit of personality to the mix. When you combine that with the heraldry shield you can come up with some truly unique knights. Their weapons also look very much inline with that style. You can also make out some of the plate armor they will have combined with their weapons of choice.


“While the sword and lance are the preferred arms of the nobility, some knights – especially those from Brionne – prefer the head-hewing potential of a battleaxe. For the more traditionally-minded knight, however, there is a swathe of sword options, each with classic Bretonnian iconography on the crossguard or pommel.”

I can’t wait to see the rest of these models in their full size. It’s the return of some classics!

Tomb King Previews

Now, for the other end of the living spectrum we head to the lands of the dead with the Tomb Kings. We’ve got a wide assortment of options to peruse today.


“Tomb Kings and Liche Priests have always carried weapons and artefacts of exquisite quality and artifice. First up is an ornate spear with wings projecting out from the shaft – a feature designed to prevent an impaled victim from sliding too far down the blade! Above the spear is a spiked flail decorated with the symbol of a scarab towards the bottom of the handle – a common icon in Khemri and in Numas (known as The Scarab City),  in particular.

From scarabs to khopeshes the Tomb Kings have their own themes for sure. I’m really liking all the death-themed details we have going on here. I’m looking forward to seeing how GW re-imagines the legions of skeletal warriors and other great monsters from the Tomb Kings.


The Old World Project is progressing…We’ll be keeping tabs on this one for sure!

Author: Adam Harrison
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